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A Hint of Spring

01.Oteea Land Persunmall Trench C&A Shirt Stradivarius Jeans H&M Bag

I’m the girl who will hold on to the last episode of her favorite series, never quite ready to say goodbye; the girl who will feel like she’s losing a best friend whenever she finishes a good book; the girl who will feel guilty for taking her pretty pink roses out of the house and into the cold, just to get them photographed. But look at how beautiful they are! How else am I going to preserve their memory? How else am I going to pretend like it’s already spring?


Summer. Sunshine. Old houses.Birds chirping. .

Last Sunday was all about regaining a much needed state of tranquility. Although I do consider myself a city girl and I am in love with its effervescence, I tend to appreciate the rare moments when I’m not surrounded by impatient people, cars honking and ambulance sirens going on and on in their endless call. Maybe that’s why I love the comfort of my home, why I sometimes feel the need to hide in my own bubble, I am not a loner but I do seek moments just for myself. And as I grow up, the thought of a small house with a small garden, where I can grow my favourite flowers, read and play with my furball, appears comforting and alluring. Like a distant dream just waiting to happen. Much love, xx.

Summer 01


Comfort. Is the first aspect I consider when I plan an outfit for a day I know I’ll be spending out and about, venturing the busy streets, running errands, visiting stores, enjoying a good cup of coffee. I know fashion is all about little sacrifices, about appearance and little less about ease. But I seek that ease in almost every item I purchase, I’m all about lightness, simplicity and coziness. I think they all can coexist with the notion of being fashionable quite well. Maybe that’s why I don’t often do layers, or crazy prints, or heavy accessories for that matter, although I love all of the above on the right persons. I don’t exactly recall when this love for minimalism bloomed in my heart, but I realize now that it was meant to be all along. I believe simplicity goes a long way, but in the end, the most important thing is about staying true to who you really are!

Off-Duty 01

Keep It Casual

I hope you all had a wonderful week, Valentine’s Day celebration included (or not). We took Thursday off, to just relax and enjoy the day, headed for lunch out, followed by some light shopping, a short walk and a TV series marathon as we arrived home. So I would say that instead of celebrating, we took advantage of the day and made it our own sort of escapade. We’re not big on romance, but we do love a day just for ourselves.

Keep It Casual 01

Celebrity Fashion Crush – Denim On Denim

The fact that denim is so in (whether it was ever out of style) right now is no longer a surprise . It’s actually a quite refreshing, wearable and smart trend, for those who care to wear it, of course ! But lately, celebrities have been pushing this style one step further, as they are now casually pairing denim… with denim.

Even if it looks quite simple to wear, to actually wear denim on denim right, it’s not such an easy task, especially if you want to avoid walking around in the so called Canadian tuxedo.


Sporting a relaxed fashion on her free time, many might say way too relaxed, Charlize Theron was recently spotted wearing denim on denim, and she wore it right. In order to avoid the look from becoming to mathcy-matchy, one must always mix denims of different hues, in this case the lighter denim of the shirt, was paired with dark skinny jeans.

Even style icon Kate Bosworth seems to enjoy this emerging trend, throwing a simple white tank in the mix and being careful to balance the look – she teamed an ombre loose buttoned shirt, with fitted skinny jeans. Cause not everybody enjoys a baggy outfit.

Rihanna must do everything her way, and we love that about the successful singer. Her particular look mixes a lightweight denim shirt, with bleached denim spike-studded rhinestone cutoff shorts, layering another denim shirt, tied around the waist and tucked into the shorts. Too much ?

As for the accessories, you cannot go wrong with sunglasses and boots, either ankle boots, knee-length or as seen on Rihanna, the Christian Louboutin Sea.nn Girl thigh-high leather boots.

Finishing touches: Charlize styled her look with a Christian Dior Cannage Medium tote, Kate added JewelMint accessories, whilst Rihanna opted for a cool Trapstar Dream Team cap.

How do you feel about this trend ? Would you wear it ? Let me know, XO

ASOS – Washborn Denim 2 In 1 Playsuit


TV Fashion – Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars

Having the Pretty Little Liars series on break for quite some time now, I almost forgot how much I enjoy the young fashion on this show. With each character’s different style, comes a perfectly matching personality and tons of inspiration for the girls watching.

Aria Montgomery had me at edgy bohemian, always going for the unexpected, mixing it with vintage pieces, loving the layers, the rich materials and the bold prints.

All throughout the first season we saw a feminine Aria, who experimented a lot, wearing tons of accessories, colorful jeans, loving the baby-doll dresses worn with boots and also loving textured tights :


In season two Aria, takes the unexpected to a whole other level. She is still combining vintage with modern pieces and modern trends, whilst makes fashion statements with the help of some well chosen accessories such as headbands or earrings.

This is the season will be focusing on most an why not begin by remembering the two dazzling pairs of earrings Aria wore. Remember that ethnic accessories and crazy big earrings are not just for special occasions as they pop up the volume for our everyday outfits:


Denim never goes out of trend and Aria proved it by wearing this Free People light blue jacket with zipper detailing, also the Clover Canyon striped tank top could still be perfect even on cold days if it is worn with a leather jacket for example :

Denim Jacket


And to finish this post in style, let’s focus on my favorite look of the season, the vintage skirt and top accessorized with a matching headband and pearl earrings, that Aria wore in the “I Must Confess” episode. How cute and girlie is that ? ♥ :