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Happy Easter !! ♥ I hope you guys spent the most wonderful days surrounded by the ones you love! I decided to take a short break from everything during Easter as I felt the need to recharge my batteries, enjoy good food, indulge in desserts and make the most out of the beautiful weather!

Back to today’s outfit I must admit that for the longest time I kind of disliked anything that had to do with a crop silhouette. That is until last year, when they made such a beautiful return on the runways as paired with high waist pants, skirts and shorts. Now I really consider investing in a few for the summer as the one I’m wearing is longer than I would have wished for it to be. We’re currently working on the blog’s new layout as well, glad you guys are just as excited as I am. It might take a little while but not that long. Now I must go get ready for another Easter family lunch! Have a beautiful day!

Reverie 01