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A ponytail, little make-up, loose/comfy clothes and flat shoes, this has basically been my uniform for the past week. And it felt great. As we found ourselves permanently on the go, comfort was key. And after many hours of walking around town, with short breaks for coffee and meals, upon arriving home all I wanted to do is crash in bed and sleep. I watched “Suburgatory”, “Mad Men” and “The Mindy Project” (watching TV series relaxes me like nothing else) every night before bed, I indulged in some shopping, we caught up with friends, so in the end we somehow balanced the tiresome hours with relaxing activities in between.

Sorry that my presence on the blog is short of regular these days, but I try to live it all up and soak up on every moment that doesn’t tie me to my computer chair. Now we’re about to have a late, late dinner, watch some “White Collar” and get ready for another beautiful day tomorrow.

Casualing 01

She Wore Blue

Like many other girls, I bear my fair share of insecurities, but they do tend to dissolve once I wear something as beautiful as this cobalt blue dress that I received courtesy of Kristine’s Collection. Aside from the cut, which is very flattering, I was drawn by its bold color which you guys probably know that is one of my all time favorites. And if the floral dress stood for a relaxed and more casual choice, the Carvella Laced Peplum Shiftdress feels elegant and chic in a totally effortless way. I’m slowly but surely building my dress collection. I guess later is better than never. Note to self: you need more pairs of black heels ^_^

She Wore Blue 01


The first thing that came to mind when I started putting together today’s blog entry was that the 13th of May marks a full year since my very first outfit post attempt that you may, or may not remember, but that you can still witness here. A lot has changed since then, a lot except for my ongoing love affair with cobalt skirts apparently, even if the one I’m wearing today can only be described as half a skirt. Looking back, there’s a lot I wish I had done differently, but there’s more I am grateful I got to fully experience. This journey has changed me in a lot of ways and it makes me even more curious as in where will I be standing in another year. But thinking about the future isn’t something I like to do very often! Nothing better than the present!

P.S. For those of you not following me on FB, I just did a fun interview with Maya from Archistas. Follow this link to learn a little bit more about me and discover Maya’s wonderful blog!

Wishing you all a happy week ♥

Mondays 01

Caught In a Moment

These past days have felt better and lighter, I’ve enjoyed every moment of my free time watching series with my boy, cuddled up in bed, with a hot chocolate or coffee in front, and tasty cookies nearby. We also made a list of delicious restaurant we wanted to try out and our culinary adventure started off this Sunday, I mean one could say I eat a lot right about now, but really what’s a cold month without comforting food and yummy desserts? And speaking about food, it would be an appropriate moment to start exercising again!

Caught In A Moment 01