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November Wishing

I am good at wishing, but then again who isn’t? The fact that I LOVE to make lists, of all sorts it’s also not a secret anymore: resolutions, to-do lists, grocery lists, ideas for articles, schedules, outfit planning, house decorating, it all begins with me setting pen on paper. But wish-lists have to be my absolute favorites and during this time of the year, with the Holidays rapidly approaching, I allow myself to secretly wish away.

And since today I’ve been browsing Persunmall in search of something pretty, something that would complement my existing wardrobe but also add to it, I thought I would make a wishlist with all the things that I need, ok, with all the things that I want from their online store. Hopefully, it will inspire your future purchases as well, because what I chose below represents just a small amount of all the pretty little things I loved.


Blue Steel

It wasn’t that long ago when we took these photos, but the weather felt just slightly cold, instead of freezing cold like it feels today. If there’s a color out there that makes me want to take a break from all the black and forget all about the gloomy days of fall, that color is definitely cobalt blue. My wardrobe has plenty of it already, but I just know I’m going to be adding more to it in time. The only thing I regret about this romper is the fact that it didn’t arrive during summer, so I could have made the most out of it. I can’t believe it’s hot tea weather already. Can’t wait to buy the first scented candles for fall this week-end. Before I go, I just wanted to send out a huge thank you for all of the beautiful comments that accompanied the previous post. Love ♥

Blue Steel 01

Fall Essentials: A Wishlist

My plans for the week included an outfit post (guess I was extra optimistic), which should have been followed by my personal wishlist for the upcoming fall. But due to the fact that we are leaving for Budapest early in the morning, the past week was spent marking deadlines for work, running errands and basically getting ready for these very few days of rest. The rainy afternoons didn’t help much either, not that I’m actually complaining. As I’m writing this post, I know am already behind with packing so I’ll try to be very quick.

The following list contains basically all that I dream to add to my wardrobe now that fall is slowly approaching. I imagine clean silhouettes, gorgeous splashes of color and a few accessories that will count as much. Hope you like my choices. Also, feel free to tag along on Instagram and Twitter during my trip for more updates. I’ll make sure to come back with lost of beautiful pictures. Until then, all my love and have a great weekend!

Fall Wishlist Oteea Land