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I See Fire

I’m not very good at finding that perfect balance to define my life, so I’m usually either running out of time for all the things I need to be doing, or I indulge in too many of those lazy days, making up for them eventually with less hours of sleep per night and a tighter schedule. But from time to time, I like to put everything on break and go away for a little while. If possible. This past weekend we visited our precious niece for the first time and the entire trip there was incredibly beautiful and soothing. That explains the longer absence on the blog, but despite missing it terribly, I still needed those few days to reset the equilibrium.

Other than that, I try to make the best out of this beautiful weather, I try to keep away from dark colors and I still love to wear my red lipstick together with my red hat. Hope everyone has a great week so far ♥ ♥ ♥

I See Fire 01


EN: More than just a place where I love to share my inspiration, where I document my fashion journey, where I find it easier now to write down my thoughts, this blog turned out to be a great teacher. It has thought me a lot about myself, about my limits, it made me understand that following your own path is perhaps the only road leading to true happiness, it has thought me to value the simple things in life and that in order to appreciate the success, no matter how small, you have to have had the failures. And last but not least, this blog helped me learn to appreciate quality over quantity, as I went from being the girl who wanted to buy everything, to being the girl who now knows exactly what she wants. And after seeing this tartan jacket up close and putting it on, I knew it belonged in my wardrobe. Enjoy the pictures and have a great start of the week ♥

RO: Mai mult decat un simplu loc unde imi place sa impartasesc tot ce ma inspira, unde documentez evolutia stilului meu personal, unde acum imi e mult mai usor sa imi astern gandurile, acest blog s-a dovedit a fi un profesor minunat. M-a invatat foarte mult lucururi despre mine, despre limitele mele, m-a invatat sa apreciez lucurile simple in viata, m-a ajutat sa inteleg ca doar urmandu-ti propriul drum poti ajunge sa cunosti adevarata fericire si ca trebuie sa fi cazut, esuat macar o data ca sa poti aprecia succesul, oricat de mic ar fi acela. Nu in ultimul rand, acest blog m-a invatat sa apreciez calitatea si nu cantitatea, ajutandu-ma sa ma transform din fata care vroia sa cumpere tot, in fata care stie exact ce vrea. Astfel incat atunci cand am probat aceasta jacheta din pled, am stiut ca locul ei e in garderoba mea. Sper sa va placa pozele. O saptamana minunata ♥

Tartan 01

It’s a Boy Girl Thing

EN: Leaving aside the fact that inspiration seems to be striking mostly when I’m lying comfortable in bed, thinking of all sorts of combinations and making up outfits in my mind, and less during the days when we actually have to shoot for an outfit, this is the kind of look I adore at the moment. Comfortable, relaxed, masculine inspired but with enough details pointing towards femininity. And as January is also meant for cleaning up the wardrobe and rediscovering forgotten treasures, I chose to build the outfit upon the old and the new: my lovely varsity jacket and the gorgeous pair of new heels I bought last week. One more day until the weekend and I for one can’t hardly wait to catch up on my reading and on my Tv series ♥

RO: Lasand la o parte faptul ca inspiratia pare sa ma cuprinda in special atunci cand stau linistita in pat, gandindu-ma la nenumarate combinatii si creand in minte tot felul de tinute imaginare, si mai putin in zilele in care e cu adevarat necesara, genul asta de outfit contine tot ce iubesc in momentul de fata. Piese lejere, comfortabile, de inspiratie masculina, dar si suficiente detalii care sa completeze tinuta cu un aer feminin. Si cum luna ianuarie e facuta si pentru mult-necesara curatenie generala in garderoba si redescoperirea vechilor comori, am ales sa construiesc acest look pe ceva vechi si ceva nou, mai precis jacheta varsity si minunatii pantofi nude pe care i-am cumparat saptamana trecuta. Inca o zi pana la weekend, iar eu una sunt nerabdatoare sa iau o pauza si sa recuperez la capitolul carti si seriale ♥

It's a Boy Girl Thing 01


EN: So far, my online shopping experiences have been both great and a little disappointing, but that never stopped me from totally indulging in this fun activity from time to time. Last week, I believe I opened up a new chapter, as I joined the wonderful Kurtmann.ro family. After hours spent going through all of their products, trying to decide what to get (and that wasn’t easy), I ended up picking a black Tally Weijl blazer and a pair of black Tally Weijl slightly cropped jeans. Needless to say they go wonderfully together, they feel absolutely great and they are a perfect fit to my ever-growing wardrobe. I didn’t plan on going all black, but as it happened, I didn’t mind one bit. Discover the complete look after the break. Thank you for reading ♥

RO: Experientele mele de shopping online din trecut au fost atat minunate, cat si complet dezamagitoare. Dar asta nu m-a impiedicat sa continui sa ma rasfat, luand shop-urile preferate cu asalt din cand in cand. Saptamana trecuta am deschis un nou capitol de shopping online in momentul in care m-am alaturat familiei Kurtmann.ro. Dupa ore intregi petrecute rasfoind printre miile de produse disponibile, incercand sa decid ce sa aleg (pentru ca nu a fost deloc usor), m-am oprit asupra unui sacou negru Tally Weijl si asupra unei perechi de jeansi negri cu croi conic, tot de la Tally Weijl.Nu are rost sa mai mentionez ca arata minunat impreuna, ca se potrivesc stilului meu si ca abia astept sa le port in alte combinatii pe perioada iernii. Nu a fost intentia mea sa aleg o tinuta in intregime neagra, dar lipsa culorilor nu m-a deranjat nici macar un pic. Puteti descoperi intreaga tinuta mai jos. Va multumesc si va doresc o saptamana minunata ♥

Colorless 01


Summer. Sunshine. Old houses.Birds chirping. .

Last Sunday was all about regaining a much needed state of tranquility. Although I do consider myself a city girl and I am in love with its effervescence, I tend to appreciate the rare moments when I’m not surrounded by impatient people, cars honking and ambulance sirens going on and on in their endless call. Maybe that’s why I love the comfort of my home, why I sometimes feel the need to hide in my own bubble, I am not a loner but I do seek moments just for myself. And as I grow up, the thought of a small house with a small garden, where I can grow my favourite flowers, read and play with my furball, appears comforting and alluring. Like a distant dream just waiting to happen. Much love, xx.

Summer 01

One Of The Boys

For me, throwing on a cap and a pair of sneakers comes easy and has nothing to do with trends. I just love wearing super comfortable clothes and I would do it all the time if the other half of me wouldn’t long for some femininity, romance or edge from time to time. Safe to assume that I love experimenting with fashion and if a few years back I would have said no to a lot of ideas, now I’m more inclined to say that I would try anything, at least once, to just know how it feels if for nothing else.

One Of The Boys 01

Keep It Casual

I hope you all had a wonderful week, Valentine’s Day celebration included (or not). We took Thursday off, to just relax and enjoy the day, headed for lunch out, followed by some light shopping, a short walk and a TV series marathon as we arrived home. So I would say that instead of celebrating, we took advantage of the day and made it our own sort of escapade. We’re not big on romance, but we do love a day just for ourselves.

Keep It Casual 01