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I Wish

Since this week was a little bit busy so far and I haven’t got the opportunity to take some actual outfit pictures, today I decided to share with you the six items that made it into my wishlist for the following month(s). It’s not a fancy list, but actually made out of items that I would use a lot during fall and winter and that have been on my mind for a while now.

I Wish

Fashion Crush – Embrace Your Animal Instinct

Embrace Your Animal Instinct” – that was the title of a column I read somewhere in a magazine, back in 2011. And trying to think about animals and instincts, my head was instantly filled with the image of a cute little cat, that’s the best I can do, because, yes, I am a HUGE Cat Lover. For me, they are the best thing ever, but don’t get me wrong, I love dogs almost the same, I love animals in general, with a few known exceptions, but if the “old lady with the 12 cats” story would not have ruined it by now, I would have loved to own maybe just two cats and a dog, and a house big enough not to feel crowded. But that’s a different chapter.

Back to fashion and animal instincts, this year, I have found myself suddenly liking a couple of things, that later became a few things, with cats all over them. So, I guess, now it would be the time to embrace this animal instinct I’ve read about, and even introduce it into my wardrobe. The fun part of all this, is that fashion is showing its affinity for animals of all kinds, making it easier for you to find your animal instinct too, that’s if you haven’ already, as I am a little bit late on this trend. From sharks, cows, dogs, zebras and elephants, you can find almost everything printed on skirts, shirts, shoes, sweaters or dresses.

Let me show you what I’m talking about, because one of these days… I’ll own something “CAT-ified” :

How adorable is this cat motif t-shirt ?

Cat T-Shirt

This cute little bag has cats all over … more than perfect.

Cat Bag

Crazy cat shoes ? Yes, please …

Cat Shoes

Head-to-Toe – I would so wear this look.

Cat Sweater

Cute little paws, sweetness …

Cat Earrings

All the items above, are just a small part of the things I find myself loving today and luckily, I have found all of them on ASOS.

For me, it’s all about cats, but what would you wear on your T-shirt ?