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Leather Jacket – Mix & Match

Inspired by my newest wardrobe addition, that was actually one of the coolest presents my fiancee (<3) could have given me for Spring – a Zara leather jacket – I did the most predictable and expected thing I could have done. I immediately started thinking of all the ways I want to wear the jacket this season, and since the weather outside is still pretty chilly, I have just the right amount of time to get ready to rock it !

The downside of all this, is that with every outfit I imagine and recreate in my mind, I realize how many more items I would need for my closet to feel complete (it will never feel complete, but let me hold on to that), that’s why my wish list, is getting bigger by day. A girl can dream !!!

Now let the fun part begin :

Leather Jacket + Maxi Dress

I’m thinking of a sheer, delicate maxi dress (like the one below), in a neutral tone (a bold color or a nice print would also work), paired with some black leather ankle boots (for an edgier approach) or wedge sandals (if only the weather was so warm in Spring). I love the black leather fringed clutch, so that works pretty fine. I would style the look with sunglasses, a statement ring and a few bangles (silver & black, or colorful).


Leather Jacket + Skinny Jeans + Boots

Yes, please ! This is not only the comfortable way to go, but it also looks chic and edgy ! You know, hard on the outside … For this type of look, I would pair the jacket with a simple, oversized tank or T-shirt, skinny jeans – grey looks great, black would fit, red would make a statement – and black boots. A cool black shoulder bag or backpack and some silver jewelry would complete the look.


Leather Jacket + Lace Shorts

Now, this I’m not sure I could pull off. Yet ! But I’m loving the look! I bet that attitude owns half of it :). The leather jacket would work great mixed with a printed t-shirt ( preferably in black or grey), a pair of lace shorts (white, beige, ivory, you name it) and a pair of white converse (I’d go with that instead of black ). An oversized bag, minimal jewelry and subtle curls would perfect the look.


Leather Jacket + Cropped Pants

Well, this caught my eye while I was browsing through ASOS a few days back. For a reason, I’m not totally sure which reason yet, I find this look to be cool and slightly masculine. In order to make this outfit a hit, I would team the jacket with a buttoned shirt rather than a t-shirt, light colored cropped pants – I like the ones in the example too – whilst the chunky leather ankle boots would also be an interesting addition. Again, minimal jewelry would set the tone for an overall minimalistic look.


This post is already way too long, and I had like tens of other ideas waiting to be set free, but, I will have to keep them for another post now. For a post focusing on a more colorful and girly way to wear the black leather jacket … for sure, think florals, pleated skirts, short and fun dresses.

Please feel free to share your ideal ways of wearing the leather jacket this Spring ! I would enjoy it a lot ! XO

London Fashion Week – Round Up – Part I

London Fashion Week is definitely something else, is unexpected, filled with surprises, sometimes even crazy.

And although I love the free spirited fashion, the one that challenges you to understand and get the story that lies behind it all, watching this Fall’s collections made me realize one thing … it’s not all for me, I mean, I personally can handle only small doses of crazy in fashion, the rest has to remain grounded, elegant, feminine, original,with a twist here and there, yes, but not clownish.

The first round up for LFW gathers my favorite picks, out of three collections that seemed to hit home with me and that I found to be appealing, relevant, interesting. I’m talking about a personal favorite which is Burberry Prorsum, or the epiphany of British elegance translated to an Uptown Chic fashion , Mary Katrantzou that has a way of playing with colors, textures, prints and shapes like no one else, and Matthew Williamson, who kept the looks stylish, fresh, glamorous and beautifully embellished.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012





Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012




Matthew Williamson Fall 2012





Cara Delevingne – New York Fashion Week

In my extra long list filled with all the people I love or admire, there was an empty spot at one point, right under Current Favorite Model, because for a long time I have gone having with none, none of the new generation anyhow.

This fact could mean absolutely nothing, but I find it to be a little bit weird considering the amount of time I spend going through fashion collections, magazine editorials, campaigns, runway shows etc …

Cara D.

The inevitable happened, right when British and current Burberry Prorsum spokes-model, Cara Delevingne, caught my attention with her natural self, her adorable quirkiness and her understated beauty of course … So this season, besides getting excited to see the new trends and collections for Fall 2012, I was also excited to keep track on all the designer Cara walked for, and luckily they were many …

For the New York Fashion Week Fall 2012, Cara graced the runway for Jason Wu, Rag & Bone, Thakoon, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Tory Burch, in what seemed to be an impressive amount of shows.

Below you can find all of Cara’s New York runway looks as I particularly found her drop dead gorgeous in Jason Wu. The next round up will focus on Cara’s appearances, during her London and Milan presentations. Do you also have a favorite look of hers ?