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For when it’s too cold

Winter outfit casual comfy

Dressing up for the cold is no easy task, and on the days you’re planning to shoot some pictures, walk quite a lot through what’s left of the melting snow, and feel good without having to worry too much about clothes, and shoes, and make-up, it appears even harder.

Lessons learned

Fall outfits leather denim

I believe I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again. Blogging has thought me a great deal of things, none superficial, and I grew a lot ever since writing my first sentence on the blog. Today, I’m going to share some of the lessons I’ve learned the easy, or the hard way, ever since blogging.

Sweet November

Fall outfits knit and leather

I take many of the pictures for the blog during the weekends, and even if the outfits shape up to look differently, they mostly share the same kind of “recipe”. I believe that even when you’re going for a super-relaxed outfit, you should still allow it to speak about yourself, about your aesthetic.

Sporty, preppy, cool

Fall outfit preppy layers

Here are just some of my favorite things to wear, casually juxtaposed in an outfit that felt perfect for the sunny weather we had yesterday. A basic white button-down, a sporty sweatshirt with lace inserts and a cool faux leather skirt made for a magic combination in my eyes.

September Child

Zara white dress _ metallic pumps _ outfit

September. I cannot possibly put into words what this month means to me and how it makes me feel. I love all beginnings, but I love the first weeks of fall most. I love the calming atmosphere, the warm sun, the changing colors, the crisper air, I love the rainy days and the fact that home becomes a place of comfort, of warmth, in fact it becomes my favorite place to draw away to.

Casual Denim Day

Ripped denim metallic heels outfit

I welcomed the month of September wearing what I know and love best: a laid-back and easy outfit perfect for the in-between activities around town, that’s also chic and modern. Its main ingredients? The super-cool boyfriend jeans (also the first pair of ripped denim to make it into my wardrobe), the chunky pearl necklace that I absolutely adore, and a pair of metallic pumps.


First of all, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Second of all, Happy 1st of May, hope you’re all out&about, ready to enjoy this long weekend, having the best day ever! Since the last time I posted on the blog, I have been “haywire” trying to leave everything in order before our trip to Timisoara this Saturday, where we’ll be attending one of my best friends’ (more like a sister, really) wedding ♥ ♥ ♥ I’ve been counting down the days until this event for months now and I’m supper happy that it is almost here!

Other than that I baked my very first apple pie last Sunday, (with a little help from my husband ♥ ♥ ♥), which turned out pretty amazing seeing how good I am at this stuff. I mean, I absolutely love eating home made treats, but I don’t often find the patience to make them myself ^_^. I also made a small appearance in Joy Magazine with one of my favorite looks ever, I’ve watched more Hannibal, I got myself a haircut – nothing major though, I have been eating ice-cream and drinking lots of coffee (but what else is new, right?).

Enough blabbering, I’ll leave you with the sporty-chic look we photographed this Monday ♥

Sporty-chic 01