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More Like Me

After three whole days stuck in bed, with a terrible flu and everything hurting, I’m sitting in front of my laptop , trying to find my words, but I guess I am still a little bit at loss. I feel the ideas floating around my brain but I can’t possibly find a way to put them together. But I will say this much: I’m loving the new white blazer I received in the mail last week, courtesy of Kristine’s Collection and cannot wait to wear and photograph the other gift as soon as the the next sunny and warm day comes. I’ll leave you with the pictures, while I will stick with my tea for a little while longer. Much love and thank you for reading. Have a great weekend, guys!

More Like Me 01


One obsession rolling after another. If black and white put a definite spell on me this year, now I seem to be eager to fill my summer wardrobe with shorts and more shorts. I just love wearing them, love how comfortable they feel, how they look, so I guess I’m going to stick with them for a while now. I’ve been dreaming of a leather pair for quite some time and after trying on various options, I decided to stick with these Zara ones. This outfit was perfect for a day out with friends, for ice-cream on the go, for an afternoon spent taking advantage of the sun and enjoying the company of my fiance. With little time left until the wedding, the to-do-list are piling up and alongside the other ones that are work related, my schedule is as busy as it gets. Maybe that’s why I feel tired all the time, I think I could sleep for an entire week! Enough about me. Enjoy your week-ends and the beautiful weather! Lots of love ♥

Afternoon 01

Channeling Spring

By looking at these photos you might actually think that I chose one of the warm, beautiful, almost spring-like days that graced the first half of the week to wear this super-light ensemble. But due to the lack of free time, we postponed taking pictures up until Friday when I honestly thought I was going to completely freeze once I stepped outside of the house. I tried my best to ignore the cold, the wind and the zero degree temperature but I can’t say I totally succeeded. Hopefully this is another lesson learned!

Channeling Spring 01