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EN: So far, my online shopping experiences have been both great and a little disappointing, but that never stopped me from totally indulging in this fun activity from time to time. Last week, I believe I opened up a new chapter, as I joined the wonderful Kurtmann.ro family. After hours spent going through all of their products, trying to decide what to get (and that wasn’t easy), I ended up picking a black Tally Weijl blazer and a pair of black Tally Weijl slightly cropped jeans. Needless to say they go wonderfully together, they feel absolutely great and they are a perfect fit to my ever-growing wardrobe. I didn’t plan on going all black, but as it happened, I didn’t mind one bit. Discover the complete look after the break. Thank you for reading ♥

RO: Experientele mele de shopping online din trecut au fost atat minunate, cat si complet dezamagitoare. Dar asta nu m-a impiedicat sa continui sa ma rasfat, luand shop-urile preferate cu asalt din cand in cand. Saptamana trecuta am deschis un nou capitol de shopping online in momentul in care m-am alaturat familiei Kurtmann.ro. Dupa ore intregi petrecute rasfoind printre miile de produse disponibile, incercand sa decid ce sa aleg (pentru ca nu a fost deloc usor), m-am oprit asupra unui sacou negru Tally Weijl si asupra unei perechi de jeansi negri cu croi conic, tot de la Tally Weijl.Nu are rost sa mai mentionez ca arata minunat impreuna, ca se potrivesc stilului meu si ca abia astept sa le port in alte combinatii pe perioada iernii. Nu a fost intentia mea sa aleg o tinuta in intregime neagra, dar lipsa culorilor nu m-a deranjat nici macar un pic. Puteti descoperi intreaga tinuta mai jos. Va multumesc si va doresc o saptamana minunata ♥

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