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Pretty Basic

01.Oteea Land H&M Shirt Stradivarius Jeans Lidl Flats Persunmall Bag

After playing quite a bit of dress up in my latest outfit posts, wearing my beloved basics again felt like a much awaited return home. I’ve expressed my love for simplicity time and time again, both here on the blog, and in my day to day conversations about fashion and personal style, and while I am aware that most people would have added and added to this minimal look of mine, I was happy to complement it with a few whispers of color and not much else.


Fall outfit burgundy and blue

Do you ever take the time to contemplate your wardrobe before grabbing your favorite shirt, dress, or sweater off the hanger? I often do, not when I’m in a hurry, and most definitely not on those days when my clothes and I don’t see eye to eye. But when we do get along, I like to take my time to touch the fabrics, to reminisce about the last time I wore my favorite sweater, or the first time I put a specific dress on, because just like those songs you tend to listen to on repeat during certain times of your life, my clothes often become one with my emotions.

Yellow, like the sun

I love Sundays. I love waking up unhurried, taking my time before actually getting out of bed, knowing I don’t have to immediately start planning my schedule for the day. I love to enjoy my cup of coffee while reading a book or a magazine. I love to spend more time doing my hair and my make-up, even if they always end up looking somewhat imperfect. If I had to choose a single word to define the way I envision a perfect Sunday, that word would have to be serenity, or perhaps tranquility. Usually, I play along, choosing laid-back outfits and flats to go with the relaxed atmosphere of the weekend. But this time I craved for something else, something a little more feminine, a little more bright. And so I put on my yellow skirt, my favorite pair of heels and the gorgeous statement earrings I received from Persunmall, and it all fell into place right away. Hope you’re all enjoying a great week, thank you for reading ♥ ♥ ♥

Yellow, like the sun 01

Preppy Monday

I love fall. I love the chilly weather, I love the rain, I love the warm colors, the crisp air and even if I hate feeling cold most of the times, I bear with the feeling because in the end it is worth it. This morning really felt like fall, but the illusion disappeared in just moments. I held onto that sensation though, and I embraced the preppy style for a day that celebrates the beginning of a new school year in our country. I didn’t feel quite well today so I’m sorry if the pictures are not all about the happiness and joy that I felt on the inside ^_^

Have an amazing week my darlings and I’ll see you in a couple of days, much love ♥

Preppy Monday 01