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Unwinding for the weekend

01.Oteea Lamd - How-to-unwind-for-the-weekend

I personally don’t have a Youtube channel, but I bet you’re all familiar with those kind of chit-chat videos covering all matter of day to day subjects. I love them and I feel like I get the chance to know people better through them. That’s why I’ve been meaning to add to the blog with something similar, with me writing instead of talking of course, but to discuss something other than outfits (which I love and love talking about, just not all the time).

Happy Easter!

Oteea Land Sammy Dress

Happy Easter, beautiful people! I hope you’re all celebrating happily, with your loved ones close by, fully enjoying these beautiful, sunny days. As you may already know, I took a little break from the blog, but I still wanted to wish you all the best and send you all the love this Easter!

On My Mind

Denim dress black accessories

My Sunday was all about the peace & quiet, the good food and the snow. I didn’t feel like leaving the house today so I took the chance to catch up on sleep, to think about all kinds of little things, to cuddle with Puss and hubby, to sort out our bedroom. I needed this full day of silence, I needed these long hours that allowed me to be lazy, now I’m about to start cooking dinner and after that the evening will be complete with some pampering, tv shows, more cuddles and a good book.

4 Things

Basic pieces for a curated wardrobe

Hello, lovely people! How was your weekend? I for one felt like taking a little break from work, from the computer, from sleeping, from blogging, from over-thinking, and it did me good, as I feel amazing now and more than ready to kick start the new week. There are days when things tend to get overwhelming, when my brain runs with too many tabs open, and on those days I hold on to the idea of a quiet weekend, to be spent out & about, with coffee, good food and perfect company.

Dressing Up | NYE

Dresses for New Year's Eve

The first sentence after a long break on the blog is always hard, so I am going to just get that out of the way. Done! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, to be truly honest I don’t feel is quite over yet, perhaps it has to to with all this snowing (yeeey!!!) that’s going on.