I guess it’s no hard task figuring out what exactly drew me to this beautiful skater dress that arrived in the mail with my latest order from Oasap. They say it’s violet, I love to think it’s lilac, but no matter what you call it, its color is the kind that can easily steal one’s heart, just like it did mine.

Aside from this pretty pastel hue that I can see working perfectly spring through winter, I am also very much in love with it’s clean, simple, flattering silhouette that can be dressed up with a pair of heels, or be made chic and casual with the right pair of flats. I played up the lilac hue with some silver accessories and a matching bag, and topped it with a bolder lip and a messy crown braid.

I could have added more to it with a statement necklace, or a statement belt, but this time around I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible and fitted for a Sunday brunch.

The only thing that chipped from my excitement is the fact that I had to pin the underarm sections because the cut there is made way too loose (as you can see from some of the pictures on the site), at least for my figure. This was a temporary solution, of course, because I plan to take the dress to a seamstress and have it fixed to fit as perfectly as it should. It’s too lovely not to.

I’ll leave you with the pictures and I wish you all a sunny, beautiful week ahead! Lots of love!

01.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

02.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

03.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

04.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

05.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

06.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

07.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

08.Oteea Land Oasap Dress H&M Bag C&A Shoes

6 thoughts on “Lilac

  1. Pink Wish

    Oh, soooo pretty! This used to be my favorite color before pink! I used to have so many clothes in this color and I couldn't imagine that I could love another one so much. It lasted only a few months, though. Then I found my love!

    The dress is so beautiful, I love how simple it is yet it can make such a powerful statement even with such simple accessories.

    You hair becomes more gorgeous with every post and I love when you wear braids. The lipstick suits you perfectly and I would love to do your make-up someday, you have so many lovely features! <3

    Lots of kisses, sweetie!

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