Unwinding for the weekend

I personally don’t have a Youtube channel, but I bet you’re all familiar with those kind of chit-chat videos covering all matter of day to day subjects. I love them and I feel like I get the chance to know people better through them. That’s why I’ve been meaning to add to the blog with something similar, with me writing instead of talking of course, but to discuss something other than outfits (which I love and love talking about, just not all the time).

Since the weekend is here, I thought it appropriate to kick off this series with an “Unwinding for the weekend” post. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t relax easily, I’m always tense, I’m always planning the hours ahead, my mind is humming non-stop and that’s why I feel that it’s important to seek activities that manage to keep everything at the distance, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Taking days off, short or long breaks, meditating, anything that’s good for you, you should do it.

I realize that this whole unwinding thing works differently for everyone, it has to do a lot with the mood, the season, the weather, you get the point. From roadtrips to long walks, from coffee and lunch dates to hours spent taking pictures for the blog, from browsing shops to taking long naps, to watching my favorite tv series, these are just some of the ways I usually choose to relax.

My weekends aren’t always free, sometimes I have to work, or do all kinds of house related chores that don’t get to be completed during the week. But even on those weekends I still try to find a couple of hours just for me. This time it will be no different.

What I have planned for this end of the week is quite simple: to stay at home as much as possible, to catch up on some sleep and also to:

  • pamper my skin a bit, because I suck at following my skincare routine religiously, although I am getting better and better at it, so I need to cleanse, peel, hydrate, moisturize, all things nice;
  • paint my nails and take advantage of all my favorite nail polishes at the moment, not at once of course, but doing it more often means I get to use all the pretty pink, mint, lilac and grey hues I’m loving this spring, can’t wait to add new ones to the collection;
  • start on a new book, because I’ve took a too long of a break from my kindle and not reading doesn’t feel good to me; I’m about to start All the Bright Places ” by Jennifer Niven.
  • cook something delicious for two and test out this lovely recipe book I bought a few weeks back; we’re currently trying to eliminate meat from our diet, we are about two months in and we have “sinned” a few times for a burger, a pizza, or tacos. But other than that we’re loving the change, it feels incredible, and cooking is exciting again, not to mention all the new recipes we get to test out these days. This is something I’ve really been meaning to do and I am glad I did.
  • of course, no relaxing weekend would be complete without coffee, or a smoothie, without beautiful flowers, no matter how tiny, and without scented candles and a bit of snuggle time with my beautiful boy. I don’t know of many places that sell scented candles in Sibiu that’s why I’m always drawn to Yankee Candles. I love them this small because they tend to last very long anyway and we tend to get used to the smell or get bored with it very easily.

I would have written so much more about all of the things above, but I already feel like this is a lot to read. Hope you enjoy and have a happy, relaxing weekend! Would love to hear how you unwind during the weekends. Sending lots of love your way!

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