My Kind of Happiness

I always believed that happiness comes from the small things, but lately I realized that happiness can only shine through a grateful heart. The last couple of months haven’t been the easiest, and I’ve been tired, and worried, and sometimes sad, but in the midst of it all I found a lot of things to be grateful for, and a lot of small reasons to be happy about, these gorgeous lilac flowers included.

I understood that plans don’t always work out, that priorities change, that you can’t do it all but you can at least try, and that time heals everything. And I realized that what truly makes my heart jump is stumbling upon an alley paved with pink petals, and finally getting to buy my favorite flowers, and seeing my husband happy and knowing he is alright.

Now we crave a getaway somewhere peaceful, where we can reconnect with nature, and I can hug a tree and jump on grass. But just like everything else, it will have to wait a little bit longer.

After a beautiful afternoon spent with the girls, I now have to catch up on all the work so that I can enjoy a relaxing weekend. Hope everyone is doing alright, sending all my love XO

P.S.Hope you’ll like these beautiful pictures photographed by Andra, and my boho outfit as well.

01.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt


03.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

04.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

05.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

06.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

07.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

08.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

09.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

7 thoughts on “My Kind of Happiness

  1. Anaivilo

    Aaaaaa, the petals on the pavement look so lovely!! Like in a fairytake!
    I am glad that your worries are behind you, hopefully and I am sure good things will come ahead! They always do ; )
    The blouse is very nice, I remember wanting to buy it for myself, if only it was white instead of yellow… I have a thing for white clothing this season.
    But anyway, it looks great!

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you, sweety! <3

      I actually saw this blouse in an ivory shade as well, it wasn’t exactly white, but it wasn’t creamy either, something in between. I couldn’t find it in my size, although I am loving this yellow shade as well :)


  2. thehearabouts

    I'm gonna start by telling you how much I adore the outfit, but I bet you know that. You look just like a 70's bohemian fashion icon with your pretty long locks. And I love how the pinkish & lilac petals complement the mustard yellow of the outfit.

    That being said, I'm glad that everything is falling into place once again. You deserve all sorts of happiness :)


  3. Pink Wish

    Oh, my! Why are so pretty and gorgeous? And how can you express yourself so beautifully? I adore reading your texts, as I've said before but I just do and I will always tell you!

    This is one amazing outfit, I think the blouse is a perfect bohemian item and you wore it perfectly with the skirt and those booties! The flowers just completed the lovely, delicate picture!

    Hugs! <3

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