Gone with the Wind

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you’ve had a great start of the week. As promised, I am back with a new post, one that feels like a step back in time, one that’s colorful, spring-ish and super-dainty.

If you follow me on Facebook, or Instagram, you may have read about my wish of adding more feminine pieces to my wardrobe once spring arrived. I’ve never been quite the girly-girl, I used to live in jeans and t-shirts but there comes a time in everyone’s life when change sneaks in, and so I found myself longing for a full skirt, or a delicate shirt. Now, I am happy to say I have found both.

The pretty button-down with its soft floral embellishments and nude hue is the epitome of femininity if you ask me, it feels light against the skin and it’s a bit sheer, which makes it even more graceful. I already imagine it in countless combination, so you’ll definitely be seeing it again.

The skirt, well, the skirt is a dream. It is full, sturdy, red and it has pockets. The midi length enhances its elegant feel and I cannot wait to pair with a crop top come summer, the high waist practically begs for it. I wasn’t so sure about it fitting my style when I ordered it, but I am happy I did. I’m not going to lie, I still felt a bit like a movie character walking around town, but at the end of the day fashion is also about playing different roles, and daring for that something else.

Thank you Andra for the lovely pictures and for landing me your gorgeous bag!

Hugs & kisses to all of you, I am trying to slowly get back to my normal routine, hope I’ll manage, little by little. Until next time, enjoy the outfit & the photos! XO

01.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

02.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

03.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

04.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

05.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

06.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

07.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

08.Oteea Land Oasap Shirt Oasap Skirt Zara Heels

12 thoughts on “Gone with the Wind

  1. Andra

    You are more than welcomed! ^_^
    I looove how the pictures turned out, you look amazing!
    I am also loving my new status as official photographer and prop master :))
    Lots of kisses ♥

  2. kriys

    Ce scumpa esti si ce tinuta frumoasa ai! Fusta chiar e minunata, una de genul asta cu buzunare imi doresc si eu neaparat 😀
    Tinuta chiar pare foarte delicata, ti se potriveste de minune!
    Te pup!

  3. PinkWish

    Oh, esti minunata! <3
    Mi se pare ca stilul asta ti se potriveste foarte bine pentru ca eu te vad feminina, delicata si deosebita!
    Bluzita este atat de draguta, ii ador floricelele iar fusta este de vis! Iti imaginezi sa ne intalnim si sa purtam amandoua fustitele rosii, midi, cu buzunare? Ar fi dragut! <3 hihi

    Multi pupicei! <3

  4. thehearabouts

    Such a sweet, romantic combo, I love every single detail. The hairstyle is perfect for this look and don't even get me started on the skirt&shirt. You made me realize I'm missing a red skirt in my life <3


    P.S: Never be sorry for feeling like a character! Just embrace it, it pays off to stand out from the crowd 😉

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