No Ordinary Life

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Or we choose to create our own fairytale moments, on windy afternoons, when the sun is hiding and everything grows quiet, when the seasons collide and you can sense a hint of winter and a whisper of spring finally getting to saying their goodbyes.

I enjoy the solitude and I feel like I can breath whole in the midst of nature, that’s why I’m always drawn towards picking out these pretty, romantic dresses that fit these solitary but beautiful landscapes to perfection. I love to imagine and I love to tell stories, using words or getting a little bit more creative with my pictures that’s why for me a dress is never just a dress, not when it allows you to instantly morph into a whole new character. This little black organza dress with its tiny polka dots, off shoulders and puffy sleeves made me think of a modern fairytale princess.

Of course she had to wear her hair in a braided crown, she had to carry a handful of white flowers and walk the muddy path towards her home wearing a pair of blue heels. But the dress would look equally beautiful on the beach somewhere near the sea, on the city streets, during summer, when the hair is pulled up in a bun and the shoes are comfy, perhaps even near a castle, a real one.

I am very much in love with this dress: its length is perfect for me, not too long but not too short either, the off-shoulders are super-flattering, the organza is featherweight and the sleeves are a dream, not to mention that you can wear it without the belt for more of an easy, effortless feel.

Keep in mind that no life is ordinary, that today doesn’t have to match tomorrow, that even the most imperfect moments can lead to extraordinary stories. Sending out lots of love your way <3

01.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

02.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

03.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

04.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

05.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

06.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

07.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

09.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

6 thoughts on “No Ordinary Life

  1. Anaivilo

    Of ce frumoasa este rochia!! Cel mai mult imi place ca e lasata pe umeri si are manecile usor bufante. Si desigur transparenta.
    Pacat ca e asa scurta, adica eu nu as putea sa o port sigur, as sta mereu stresata, if you know what I mean :))

  2. Pink Wish

    Nu stiu cum de reusesc mereu sa sar peste asemenea postari. Le tot astept, le tot astept si cand le postezi, eu ajung sa comentez ultima :( :(

    Postarea asta e o adevarata poveste, ma duce acolo, parca simt aerul curat si o adiere usoara <3 perfect! E adorabila rochita si ai pus-o in valoare cum nu cred ca ar mai putea cineva, esti un om foarte frumos!! <3 <3

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