On My Mind

My Sunday was all about the peace & quiet, the good food and the snow. I didn’t feel like leaving the house today so I took the chance to catch up on sleep, to think about all kinds of little things, to cuddle with Puss and hubby, to sort out our bedroom. I needed this full day of silence, I needed these long hours that allowed me to be lazy, now I’m about to start cooking dinner and after that the evening will be complete with some pampering, tv shows, more cuddles and a good book.

This past week was cold and rainy, then cold and snowy, so I didn’t get the chance to take the usual outfit pictures but that’s quite all right. I’m tired of coats anyway, and I’m dreaming of sunnier days, of easy dresses and pretty accessories. Much like the things on my mind this Sunday.

Enjoy your evenings and have a great start of the week tomorrow! XO

Denim dress black accessories

Blue Denim Belted Dress – HERE;  Gold-Tone Hardware Shoulder Bag – HERE; Modern Strappy Sandals – HERE.

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