I’m still learning

I’m still learning. I’m 28 years old and I’m still learning how to walk the cobbled streets of this city with confidence, how to mend my heart and put myself first, how to be completely happy with who I am, how to love all yesterdays in hope of better tomorrows. I’m still learning that being different from most people doesn’t make me weird, that happiness doesn’t have anything to do with perfect skin, or a closet full of clothes, that the way people perceive you has nothing to do with who you really are. You are a beautiful sum of thoughts, and choices, and fears and dreams.

I am a dreamer myself and I’m a child at heart, I have no idea what I do half the time, I love words and I’m ready to embrace simplicity as a way of life. I’m not perfect and I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in constant growing, in kindness, in good manners, in happiness.

In the kind of happiness that comes from the small things. I want to believe that a cup of coffee will always put a smile on my face, that a piece of cake brought home by my hubby will always feel like the best surprise ever, that a bouquet of flowers will always brighten up my grayish days.

The reason I’m saying all this is because I’m tired of seeing mean people everywhere, I’m tired of seeing young girls growing up to believe in all sorts of plastic fantasies, and it makes me sad to realize that they all want to lead the same kind of life when they’re all so very different.

In a world that expects you to be a million different things at once is OK to find the one reality that suits you best, the one that feels good from the inside, even if few people understand it.

Thank you dear Andra for the beautiful pictures & thank you all for having read this. XO

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13 thoughts on “I’m still learning

  1. kriys

    Doamne, cat de frumos ai scris, ma regasesc total in ceea ce ai scris, esti o persoana minunata si deosebita! ^_^
    Imi place tare mult tinuta, e pe gustul meu, as purta-o cu siguranta!

  2. Mamalina

    Gorgeous outfit and pictures, and beautiful, BEAUTIFUL words! I often find myself thinking about the same things, and reading this was reassuring! Unfortunately, I've been struggling for a long time with how others perceive me, I sometimes get lost in this permanent wish to please others… I'm a bit socially awkward, so maybe that's why I tend to behave like this. But lately I've been trying to put myself first, to love myself more, to "show" myself more. Hopefully, I will soon "be" myself around others! Your words really got to me :)! It's always such a pleasure to read your posts. You're a tremendous writer!



    1. Oteea Post author

      High-five, socially awkward friend! ^_^ After reading your comment it hit me just how much alike we are :)

      I've been struggling with pretty much the same issues, but I think it's been a year now since I started to put everything in perspective, and slowly but surely things have started to change, I've started to change for the better, but I I am sure I still have a lot of "work" to do before breaking out of my shell completely :)

      Many, many hugs!

  3. Dorina

    "I am a dreamer myself and I’m a child at heart"- those are the words which describes me the best 😛
    It's always such a pleasure to read your posts. I feel the same things, but you're such a good writer. I'm jealous :)))
    Every time I read your posts it's like I'm reading a chapter from a book, not a blog.
    Kisses! :*

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you so much, Dorina, I know you girls are special and that you can relate to my words, we're pretty much the same and that's something I realized pretty soon after starting reading your blog ^_^

      Hugs & kisses!

  4. thehearabouts

    And thank YOU, for sharing this with us <3. I'm sure that you already know by now that we are on the same wavelength regarding the majority (if not all) the things you mentioned here and it's great to read posts like this one once in a while.

    Sending lots of hugs your way!


  5. Pink Wish

    Such an amazing and inspirational post! I love the way you write, it's like you know to get to my soul but I think that's because we have some similarities.

    I've come to love the way I am, childish, pink and glittery. After all, I think the world needs different and special people, people that do not meet the standard cryteria.

    I am also tired of seeing girls admiring the wrong people and wanting to become them but in the end, the most important thing is to be ourselves and be happy with who we are.

    Oh, and isn't nice to not be understood by everyone? I think it's fun and this way you can meet and be friends with people who get you and who share the same ideas as you do!

    I wish you were closer so we could meet more often but hey, there's a little bit of magic in comunicating like this, waiting for your posts and see such beautiful places1

    Lots of kisses, sweetie! <3

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