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Hello, lovely people! How was your weekend? I for one felt like taking a little break from work, from the computer, from sleeping, from blogging, from over-thinking, and it did me good, as I feel amazing now and more than ready to kick start the new week. There are days when things tend to get overwhelming, when my brain runs with too many tabs open, and on those days I hold on to the idea of a quiet weekend, to be spent out & about, with coffee, good food and perfect company.

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at everything from a different perspective. Now I plan on ending this Sunday with a good book and a little bit of pampering.

Until the next outfit post will be ready, I’ll leave you with another inspirational one compiling 4 things I would add to my wardrobe right now. This year I plan on keeping up with my plan of building a cohesive yet versatile wardrobe, filled with the kind of beautiful, minimalist, basic pieces that I love.

From classy black heels, to deep-red bags, circular sunnies and midnight-blue shirt-dresses, these are the 4 things I love at the moment. Hugs & kisses, everyone! XO

Basic pieces for a curated wardrobe

Big Bowknot Black Stilettos – HERE; PU Leather Bag – HERE; Minimalism Shirt Dress – HERE; Retro Round Sunglasses – HERE.

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