Yearly Archives: 2014

Lessons learned

Fall outfits leather denim

I believe I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again. Blogging has thought me a great deal of things, none superficial, and I grew a lot ever since writing my first sentence on the blog. Today, I’m going to share some of the lessons I’ve learned the easy, or the hard way, ever since blogging.

In My Own Fairytale

Fall outfit pastel colors

Yesterday I was caught up in my own fairytale. The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing through my hair, I was wearing the softest pastel shades and walking the prettiest cobbled streets. I felt like dancing and I smiled often because good days deserve to be celebrated.

Sweet November

Fall outfits knit and leather

I take many of the pictures for the blog during the weekends, and even if the outfits shape up to look differently, they mostly share the same kind of “recipe”. I believe that even when you’re going for a super-relaxed outfit, you should still allow it to speak about yourself, about your aesthetic.

Cold, but beautiful

Fall outfit golden hour

As the weather gets colder and the sky much darker, I try to hold onto my personal kind of sunshine, made out of all the things that I love and make me happy. I’ll admit that getting out of bed in the morning becomes increasingly harder but having a bouquet of spring flowers on my desk, and knowing that a hot cup of mocha is awaiting for me in the kitchen definitely helps.

Happiness all around

Fall outfit over-the-knee-boots

I love everything there is to love about a rainy day. Often, when I think about a cozy, comforting atmosphere I instantly imagine a warm house, heavy rain outside, dim light inside, my loved ones safe and a cute ball of fluff (at least one), sleeping somewhere near me, preferably in my bed.

Sky Blue

Fall outfits layers of blue

No matter how hard life gets, how troubled some days are, how many thoughts cross our minds every second, there are certain moments when everything seems to be in the right place. I’m talking about those moments when you stop thinking about all that’s not right in your life and instead focus on all the good, like the warm temperatures of a wonderful October day, the chance to walk along some quiet streets that are so beautifully made-up by the falling leaves, and the immense peacefulness that comes along with all of that.


Fall outfit burgundy and blue

Do you ever take the time to contemplate your wardrobe before grabbing your favorite shirt, dress, or sweater off the hanger? I often do, not when I’m in a hurry, and most definitely not on those days when my clothes and I don’t see eye to eye. But when we do get along, I like to take my time to touch the fabrics, to reminisce about the last time I wore my favorite sweater, or the first time I put a specific dress on, because just like those songs you tend to listen to on repeat during certain times of your life, my clothes often become one with my emotions.