Mild Winter

I don’t know about you but I dream of snow, like I always do around this time of the year. I miss waking up to see everything painted white, and I miss watching those fluffy snowflakes dance their way down from the sky. I miss snow, but I’ll have to admit I quite enjoy this mild winter.

I particularly enjoy the days that feel cold enough to wear a chunky knit and a coat, but warm enough to go out dressed in a flimsy skirt without freezing to the bone. And the city bears such a special vibe this month, I love seeing people happy, searching for that perfect Christmas gift, eating glazed apples, watching their little babies enjoy the carousels and the twinkling lights.

I know it is a super-busy time for everyone so I’ll keep it short and sweet, sending lots of hugs your way and wishing you to fully enjoy the countdown ’till Christmas. XO

Winter outfit fluffy jumper

Winter outfit otk boots

Winter outfit ballerina bun

Winter outfit lace

Winter outfit black and navy

Winter outfit cozy and chic

Winter outfit black coat

Winter outfit over coffee

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