The Wind of Change

Change. It creeps upon you when you least expect it, while you’re sleeping, while you’re laughing your problems away, while you’re having the best time of your life. And without you even knowing it, you wake up to be a different person. You wake up to be excited about the cold when you were a summer’s person, to enjoy your coffee just a tiny less sweeter when you were all about the sugar, to crave that oversized coat when you promised yourself you will never go for the slouchy.

Change can be a truly beautiful thing when you accept it for the better, when you come to terms with who you’re slowly becoming, when life gains new colours, and tastes, and sounds, and you want to take them all in. There was a time in my life when change scared the hell out of me, now I’m learning that it’s all part of growing, bigger, stronger, better; now is when I want to do it all, try it all, smile more, and get silly, and meet new people; now is when I’m slowly starting to get it.

To be continued …

Hope you all had a fantastic week so far, sending out lots of love your way, XO

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5 thoughts on “The Wind of Change

  1. thehearabouts

    I've missed your posts :) You look so lovely and joyful here and I see a pretty, fluffy coat <3

    What you've said seems so mature; I wish I could accept change more easily , too. But I guess you are right. Change is part of life and it's unavoidable, so I guess it's better to embrace it, rather than fear it.

    Lots of hugs to you!


  2. Dorina

    Ce frumos ai scris! Ador sa citesc articolele tale! In afara de tinutele tale stylish, mereu ai articole inteligente, bine scrise, cu o tema de reflectie pentru cititori. Asta ma face sa revin mereu cu drag pe blog <3
    Te pup! :*

  3. Ruxandra

    Caaaaat de frumoasa e hainuta ta, caaaat de frumoasa este, nu pot sa-mi mai iau ochii de la ea! Mi-am comandat si eu una asemanatoare, insa n-am fost multumita de ea :/ Imi plac absolut toate pozele insa cel mai mult imi plac pozele in care zambesti, m-ai facut si pe mine sa zambesc 😀

  4. Anaivilo

    Ok you made me curious. What is this huge change in your life? 😀 It must be exciting!
    And your coat is really lovely! I have been thinking about coats like that for a while now and you are just making me think even more now, haha!

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