Late Mornings

I’m not a morning person, but I do love the idea of starting the day as early as possible. It’s knowing I have hours and hours ahead of me, enough to work, cross off everything on my to-do-list and be left with some time for myself that makes it worth it to get out of a bed that’s still warm, where Puss and hubby are deep asleep, and step into a room that grew cold over night.

As I write these lines the house is slowly getting warmer and I’m:

  1. Listening to Paloma’s “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”. It feels nice and comforting.
  2. Thinking I should have posted these pictures on Sunday, but it was too busy of a weekend anyway.
  3. Drinking a cup of black tea, saving my glass of latte machiato for the afternoon.
  4. Wishing for this week to go as planned because we have SO much to do.
  5. Waiting for the boys to wake up so that we could have a late breakfast together.


This outfit is what I wore on a cold, dark Saturday morning. We snapped the photos as fast as we could, I jumped and I talked the whole time, as I found it helped me cope with the freezing sensation. I acted goofy, moved a lot, and as a result many pictures were either blurry or silly. The latter ones will make for great memories someday. Because in this moment I am determined to make the best out of everything. Here’s to a super-productive week, huuuuugs, XO.

Fall outfit red hat

Fall outfit messy side braid

Fall outfit black blazer

Fall outfit knitted scarf

Fall outfit zara knit

Fall outfit cozy & minimal

Fall outfit burgundy black gray

Fall outfit burgundy accessories

Fall outfit boyfriend blazer

Fall outfit burgundy scarf

9 thoughts on “Late Mornings

  1. Maggie

    I'm always impressed on how you can make the clothing pieces fit together so flawlessly in a tastful/chic outfit. That's creativity right there. And the fact that you're having fun with it, posting silly pictures (which most bloggers don't) adds more to your strong personality. XO

  2. missrux

    Love me some burgundy & black! <3 Cat de frumos ti-ai impletit parul, cat de mult imi plac ghetutele si ce frumoasa e tinuta! Cat despre poze, acestea sunt preferatele mele, esti atat de cute in ele, in special in cea de-a 3-a si in ceaa de-a 9-a :* :* :* (sending a big, big hug your way, can't escape it mwahaha :D)

  3. kriys

    Ce draguta e poza cu fularul in aer <3
    Imi place la nbunie cum iti prinzi parul, mereu ai o coafura draguta care se potriveste de minune cu tinuta :)
    Imi place si tinuta, palarioara e adorabila, cred ca ti-am mai zis, dar imi plac la nebunie palariile tale.
    Pupici! O saptamana frumoasa iti doresc!

  4. pinkwishblog

    Oh, I guess you already know how much I love burgundy, black and grey! And mixed together, the result will always be spectacular!
    I love the goofy side of you, sometimes having fun is so therapeutic! <3
    Wish you all the luck you need!

  5. Anaivilo

    I replace coffee with black tea half of the time, I just love it! 😀
    Cozy mornings are the best, what you worte reminded me of my own mornings, quite similar I might add : )

    And that scarf is so beautiful! It has such a lovely color 😉

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