The girl with the pink roses

When I think about my childhood, about my mom coming back from work after a long, tiring day, I always remember her carrying a bouquet of flowers in hand, and a small treat for me in her purse. She loves flowers, of all kinds, all shapes, all colors, I remember there were weeks when every room had its own little floral arrangement. It doesn’t come as a surprise that I took after her.

Flowers are my idea of luxury. I treat myself with flowers often, when I am happy, when I am sad, when I seek inspiration, when I need just another reason to smile. I am equally thrilled to be receiving flowers, for me there’s truly no better gift, and if they come with chocolate, even better.

Today’s post is a little celebration of what is my endless love for flowers, these pink roses needing their own moment of glory. Now that the weather is all cold and gloomy, I really hope they manage to put a smile on your face. The outfit I wore is pretty simple, a play on grays, browns and minimal lines. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, lots of love & I’ll see you soon.

Fall outfit gray and brown

Fall outfit shades of gray

Fall outfit 60s silhouettes

Fall outfit pink roses


Fall outfit knitted scarf

Fall outfit minimal chic


6 thoughts on “The girl with the pink roses

  1. thehearabouts

    Such a lovely story <3

    I do adore flowers, even if I don't buy them quite that often. They really seem like a small luxury item sometimes, I agree. This rose bouquet is sososo cute, the color is gorgeous and they look so perfectly fragile.

    Great outfit, too (I really like the skirt, of course).

    Lots of hugs,

  2. Anaivilo

    Oh yes…flowers are so beautiful and sweet.. I also love having them in my house regardless of the season. I don't really like receiveing all of them, I guess I have to be pretentious about flowers as well, haha :)) I especially love Spring flowers and wild ones.

    I love the way you wear that scarf, it looks so minimal and yet it has such an interesting effect 😀

  3. pinkwishblog

    Such a beautiful and inspiring story! I love flowers but I hate the idea of buying them, I wish I had a garden and just watch them grow and be gorgeous.
    The outfit is so beautiful and I love the mix of colors, the scarf looks amazing, especially in the photo where it's "flying". The flowers are the perfect touch, because they're pink, obviously! <3

    Kisses, sweetie!

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