In My Own Fairytale

Yesterday I was caught up in my own fairytale. The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing through my hair, I was wearing the softest pastel shades and walking the prettiest cobbled streets. I felt like dancing and I smiled often because good days deserve to be celebrated.

Today I am caught up thinking about the Holidays although the sun is still shining outside, I feel like drinking a cup of coffee and working some more, I plan on making some pancakes and end the day snuggled up in bed with my two boys, watching The Amazing Race before finally falling asleep.

Day after day, I choose to live in my own fairytale and step outside of it rarely, I choose to care for my own soul, to think my own thoughts, to be grateful for everything that I have and dare dream about more. Because a good life is made out of small precious moments that you can see only when your heart is filled with love and thankfulness. Sending out lots of love, XO.

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8 thoughts on “In My Own Fairytale

  1. Iulia C.

    Încă de când am văzut prima fotografie pe Facebook am admirat combinația vestimentară pe care ai făcut-o și mi-am zis că abia aștept să postezi articolul pe blog. Ești o încântare pentru privire și pentru suflet și emani atâta liniște, finețe și bun-gust! Te îmbrățișez!

  2. thehearabouts

    It helps that you live in a fairytale town, too <3, Sibiu is just dreamy! This pastel outfit is super cute, I wish I could wear something similar, but the weather here is far from perfect. The Holidays seem to be approaching faster than I've thought (it's cold!).

    I agree, everyone makes their own fairytale ^_^

    Lots of love to you!

    P.S: Oh, pretty hairstyle, as well.

  3. Pink Wish

    Dreamy is the perfect word for this post! So delicate, pretty and fairy tale – like. Also, the text took me somewhere nice, in a place where everything is magical and beautiful.
    It's always such a pleasure reading your thoughts and admire your photos.
    Those shoes are making me like them more and more. They look so good in so many different outfits.

    Oh, please memorize this location, I want to take photos there too! <3

  4. missrux

    Ti-am spus eu ca faci niste combinatii absolut geniale, ti-am spuuuuus! <3 Nici nu-mi gasesc cuvintele sa iti spun cat de mult imi place tinuta aceasta. Cat de delicat se vede materialul rochitei pe sub pulover, imi place tare, tare mult :* O saptamana superba iti doresc :*

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