Sweet November

I take many of the pictures for the blog during the weekends, and even if the outfits shape up to look differently, they mostly share the same kind of “recipe”. I believe that even when you’re going for a super-relaxed outfit, you should still allow it to speak about yourself, about your aesthetic.

For some the weekends are all about experimenting with clothes, for me they are more about comfort, this is why my outfits have to be cozy, comfy and warm during this time of the year. It’s all about balancing the outfit to have a little bit of everything that you love, for it to look pretty and cohesive, and for it to make the most out of the items currently building your wardrobe.

Every now and then I miss those childhood days when I would dress strictly based on what my favorite clothes were, when upon discovering a really fun combination I would wear it all the time, when Barbie or a Disney princess would make for the coolest prints, and pink for the happiest color. How things have changed, yet they remained the same, don’t you think so?

Hope you had an amazing weekend so far, enjoy your Sundays! XO

Fall outfits knit and leather

Fall outfit ballerina bun

Fall outfit tartan plaid

Fall outfit leather boots

Fall outfit leather jacket

Fall outfit tartan scarf

Fall outfit black and black

Sibiu coffee shop

9 thoughts on “Sweet November

  1. Mamalina

    Minunata tinuta, you're definitely my kind of girl :). Si eu imi fotografiez tinutele in tipul weekend-ului, si pentru ca timpul este pretios, de regula fac si altceva inainte sau dupa ce fac pozele, adica merg sa manac sau sa ma plimb, asa ca acel confort pe care mi-l dau hainele e foarte important! Esti frumoasa tare, dresurile sunt adorabile. Intreaga tinuta este exact pe gustul meu!


    1. Oteea Post author

      Multumesc mult draga mea, ma bucur mult sa aud asta :)

      Same here, de regula cand iesim la poze avem activitati planificate atat inainte cat si dupa, de aceea pretuiesc atat de mult comfortul unei tinute.

      Te pup, saptamana minunata sa ai :* :*

  2. missrux

    Cizmele, cizmele, cizmeeeeeleeeee! <3 Mi-au furat privirea cat si inima, am inima mare, am loc pentru toata incaltamintea din lume, pacat ca e casa mica hahaaaaa =))) Si eu vad week-end-urile la fel ca si tine, de cum stiu ce e vineri, mintea mea intra automat in starea de week-end :) Imi place tare mult tinuta, iar rujul acesta te prinde de minune :*

    1. Oteea Post author

      =))) I get the feeling, girls, girls, girls & their dream of owning a walk-in closet the size of a room <3

      Si eu iubesc cizmele astea, iar daca anul trecut nu am reusit sa profit la maxim de ele, recuperez sezonul asta ^_^

      Multumesc mult, te pup si o saptamana frumoasa :*

  3. Pink Wish

    So, so pretty! I would love to wear comfy clothes all the time but I love heels so much, I need to wear time from time to time even if my feet get hurt :( (it sounds so bad but it's true)
    Those boots are pretty amazing, I am searching for my perfect over the knee pair, I had to give up on my favorites ones, I wore them way too much :(

    Don't know what else to say except that I would gladly wear this outfit and feel amazing! <3
    Sending lots of kisses and hugs your way! (Go hugs, go to Sibiu! <3)

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