Happiness all around

I love everything there is to love about a rainy day. Often, when I think about a cozy, comforting atmosphere I instantly imagine a warm house, heavy rain outside, dim light inside, my loved ones safe and a cute ball of fluff (at least one), sleeping somewhere near me, preferably in my bed.

I’ll admit that taking pictures on a rainy day isn’t all that easy and romantic, and perhaps not the best idea in the world but I went with it anyway. My hair got all frizzy and weird, I got instantly cold and my mood wasn’t the brightest but the spectacular scenery made it all worth it.

I’ve had quite the crazy week so I’m happy it’s finally weekend, I’m about to go out with the girls to properly enjoy this Friday, and after that my hubby, myslef and the X-Box have another date.

I wish you all a lovely, lovely evening. XO

Fall outfit over-the-knee-boots

Fall outfit otk boots

Fall outfit lace knitwear

Fall outfit preppy chic

Fall landscape rainy day

Fall outfit black knit

Fall outfit black and gray

My little gentleman, drifting away to his on wonderland on a rainy day. We’re so much alike ^_^

Puss in Boots Tuxedo cat

5 thoughts on “Happiness all around

  1. Ruxandra

    Si eu am asteptat week-end-ul cu mult entuziasm, numai ca al nostru in Bucuresti a fost unul cu foarte multa zapada :/ Ceea ce mi-a cam stricat planurile, sper insa sa se schimbe vremea 😀 Imi place la nebunie combinatia dintre cele trei straturi, se vede atat de bine <3 Iar gheteleeee…sunt un viiiis! :*

  2. thehearabouts

    The scenery is, indeed, perfect and the light is so good for portraits on overcast days, isn't it? You look very very nice, those boots are everything I dream of at the moment and I really like your skirt, too.

    Double monochromatic cuteness (you & Puss) !


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