Sky Blue

No matter how hard life gets, how troubled some days are, how many thoughts cross our minds every second, there are certain moments when everything seems to be in the right place. I’m talking about those moments when you stop thinking about all that’s not right in your life and instead focus on all the good, like the warm temperatures of a wonderful October day, the chance to walk along some quiet streets that are so beautifully made-up by the falling leaves, and the immense peacefulness that comes along with all of that.

I used to be kind of a convinced pessimist in the past, but over the last few years I came to see beauty in everything, a new opportunity in every challenge, and now the small things are the ones to make me the most happy. Like wearing layers and layers of sky blue, or trying out a funky hairstyle when I’m in a hurry, or visiting the grandparents on a sunny Sunday, or letting go of everything while watching my favorite tv series. There’s so much to be grateful for ^_^ Hope you’re all having a wonderful start of the week. I will leave you with snaps of my cozy Sunday.

Fall outfits layers of blue

Fall golden leaves

Fall outfit blue layers

Fall outfits half top knot

Fall outfit oversized scarf

Fall outfits denim

Fall outfit shades of blue

Fall outfits balnket scarf

8 thoughts on “Sky Blue

  1. thehearabouts

    I love your innovative hairstyle!

    And really now, how can anyone feel pessimistic when wearing such a light, beautiful color? Not only does it make you happy, but it brightens the day of the people around you.

    Have a lovely week, dear!


  2. kriys

    Asa eram si eu inainte cam pesimista, dar m-am schimbat intre timp si e mai bine asa cum sunt acum :)
    Ador culoarea asta, e atat de frumoasa si imi place super mult cum arata tinuta cu esarfa pe umeri ^_^

  3. Pink Wish

    I have no idea how do you manage to mix such simple items and create beautiful and inspiring outfits every single time! Blue is definitely your color, especially this baby shade, it's so peaceful and delicate <3
    Oh, and your writing, I could read your texts all day long, you're one of the few bloggers who writes something meaningful and it's such a pleasure reading every single line.

    Lots of kisses, special lady! <3

  4. Ruxandra

    Ce nuante frumoase de albastru! <3 Pentru o secunda nu mi-am dat seama unde e cardiganul, totul se imbina atat de armonios si frumos! Ma repet, stiu, ai niste idei grozave, spre exemplu mie nu mi-ar fi trecut prin cap sa folosesc o esarfa pe post (as putea sa-l numesc un fel de) kimono. Te felicit pentru toate ideile pe care le ai si pentru felul in care alcatuiesti fiecare tinuta :*

  5. Anaivilo

    Oh yes… I used to be a pessimist myself.. I guess I grew up a bit and let's not say that I am a true optimist, but on the right path.
    I love the look you created, it looks so delicate and sweet! 😀

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