Pink meets burgundy

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content “. And today I couldn’t agree more, especially since my Sunday was half lazy / half relaxing (I blame it on the whole after-wedding mood), sprinkled with a tiny amount of work, with lots of coffee, and after everything that needed to be done was done, it ended with a happy me, lying in bed with my Kindle in my hands, and a very content Puss dreaming away in my lap – pure bliss.

I’m still trying to hold on to that laid-back feeling even if it’s Monday, even if my to-do list is brimming with …well … things to do, even if Puss is walking around the house, trying to convince me to chase him and play with him for a little while. I kind of love it when there’s a lot to do. I love it even more when I get to cross things off my list at the end of the day, while watching an episode of my favorite TV show. Adding a delicious meal, or some pastries into the picture = happiness.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with the pictures starring this gorgeous pink blouse that found its way into my closet last week. I absolutely love it and thought I’d embrace its delicate shade and lay it against something darker, something more like me, and this is how pink met burgundy. Hope you enjoy the outfit and I wish you all a wonderful week! XO

Fall outfit front row shop

Fall outfit simplicity

Fall outfit burgundy

Front Row Shop Pink Blouse

Fall outfit pink

Dark lips fall

Fall outfit pink burgundy

8 thoughts on “Pink meets burgundy

  1. Maggie

    This combination is stunning. You rarely wear colors but when you do it always looks amazing. That FRS top is beautiful, too bad it is sold out in most sizes ^_^ XO

  2. thehearabouts

    The pink top is very sweet and I love how it looks with the necklace and your pretty hairstyle.

    October is such a busy much to do, so little time. But you're right, there's nothing better than crossing things off your to-do list and hopefully having some free time left to enjoy autumn at its best.


  3. Ruxandra

    Draga mea Oteea am ramas total in urma cu comentariile :/ Sa stii insa, chiar daca nu apuc sa comentez suficient de repede sunt la curent cu tot ceea ce postezi pe blog! Iubesc combinatia asta de culori, uite ca nu m-am gandit pana acum sa combin burgundy cu roz, arata fenomenal impreuna. Ma gandeam eu ca bluza e de FRS, foarte deosebita, tare interesant spatele :*

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