Blending in

Lately I’ve been more and more drawn towards this kind of beige neutrals. I think I’m slowly entering another phase that’s going to leave a visible imprint upon my wardrobe. But prints, that I rarely do. It’s not them, it’s me, I love prints on everybody else but I don’t really see them fitting into my personal closet. And wearing them is always a struggle. Perhaps not always.

I think this outfit is the closest I’ll get to feeling comfortable and loving wearing a leopard print, and I blame it all on the soft fabric and super-light shades that together make for a great piece of clothing. Would you believe that I’ve had this blouse for over 3 years and it’s the first time I actually LOVED the way it looked on me? Miracles do happen, which serves to prove how important it is for all the pieces to fit together, and how important it is to find a way to make a trend truly work with, and complement your own aesthetic.

If it doesn’t, it’s still OK, in the end all we have to do is remain true to who we really are. Happy weekend everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful time! XO

Masculine inspired outfit

Nude patent leather lace-up flats

Leopard print fall blouse

Head-to-toe neutral outfit

Fall outfit in neutral shades

Flowers & fall outfit

Leopard print fall 2014 outfit

10 thoughts on “Blending in

  1. Dorina

    Nici mie nu imi placea animal print-ul acum cativa ani, mi se parea vulgar :)) Acum il ador si nu inteleg ce aveam in cap atunci.
    LA mine in dulap predomina printurile, desi as vrea sa am mai multe basic-uri. De fapt in ultima vreme chiar mi-am impus sa cumpar mai multe piese basic pentru ca printuri am destule 😛
    E foarte frumoasa tinuta, imi place mult! <3
    Te pup! :*

  2. Pink Wish

    First of all, I looove the shoes, I saw a similar pair and I fell in love with them, hopefully I'll get my hand on them and and make my feet happy!
    I am a huge fan of animal print even though at first I hated it so much, I couldn't understand why someone would wear such a horrible print but then I started to see people wearing it differently than what I was used to see: glittery head-to-toe animal print and I started to like it. First it was a scarf, them some flats and now I have all sorts of things printed like this.
    I really like your top, the colors, the shape and I think it really suits your style, paired with those masculine pants it creates a beautiful, stylish and simple outfit that I couldn't admire more! <3
    Kisses, sweetie!

  3. Anaivilo

    I don't think I will ever wear animal print, don't know's not my thing. I prefer flower prints, always :))
    Anyway, what I love most about your outfit are the pants! I love their clean cut, the neutral color and I have been looking for similar pants, with a higher waist, for a long time but with no success :(

  4. Ruxandra

    You know I love neutrals, how could I not love this outfit? It is absolutely PERFECT! <3 Animal print shirt = LOVE; Beautiful pants (I need a pair like yours) = LOVE; Bag, Shoes & Watch = LOVE; The neutral soft smokey eye looks great on you :*

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