September Child

September. I cannot possibly put into words what this month means to me and how it makes me feel. I love all beginnings, but I love the first weeks of fall most. I love the calming atmosphere, the warm sun, the changing colors, the crisper air, I love the rainy days and the fact that home becomes a place of comfort, of warmth, in fact it becomes my favorite place to draw away to.

I guess it all has to do with the fact that I was born on the third day of September, on one sunny afternoon. This year, on that same day, the weather wasn’t all that sunny, but it was kind of perfect for a little escapade away from the city. And we thought that the Brukenthal Summer Palace would make for the ideal setting for our double-birthday celebration.

I put my white dress on, the same one I wore a year ago for our civil marriage ceremony, some red lipstick, a pair of heels and for a day I felt like a princess, wandering around the palace, imagining how life was back then, and what would my favorite spots would have been, and where would I choose to disappear in order to enjoy reading a book, and what would Puss do with all that green space, you know, the thoughts of a girl in love with the past, and in love with unwritten stories.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Wishing you a very happy weekend! XO

Zara white dress _ metallic pumps _ outfit

White dress _ statement necklace _ summer outfit

White dress _ metallic pumps _ summer outfit

Romantic white dress_zara outfit

White dress _ red lipstick _ summer outfit

All white outfit

Romantic dress _ swing shoot

Voluminous white dress

9 thoughts on “September Child

  1. Maggie

    First of all congratulation on both your birthday and your husband's ^^ It's really really cool that you're both born on the same day and found each other in this sea of people.

    Regarding your look, you're stunning as ever, really love how your simplicity is showing so much. The location is lovely and complements the outfit.

    I love how you don't just publish blog posts, for me, they're more like stories. Thank you for that XOXO

  2. Ruxandra

    Super! Absolut superb! <3 Sunt sigura ca aceasta este postarea mea preferata de pana acum 😀 Rochita e incredibil de frumoasa si iti vine minunat, rujul rosu este perfecta ales! Dupa ce-am vazut pantofii tai metalici mi-am dat seama ca am si eu nevoie de unii, arata bestial 😀 Locatia aleasa pentru poze e tare, tare frumoasa :*

  3. thehearabouts

    The Brukenthal Palace is the perfect place for such a special celebration and your photos make me want to visit it again soon! The white dress is a dream and you look perfect wearing it in this setting.

    I always do that when I visit palaces.. imagine how things used to be and what I would do if I lived during that time :). We're hopeless, haha.


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