All is a Miracle

A personal blog is perhaps the closest thing there is to witnessing someone’s metamorphosis, which is truly a thing of beauty. If you’re anything like me, you most definitely can’t grasp the idea of settling for things as they are. I live to grow, to learn something new every day, to try and see the world through different eyes, to evolve, to constantly push myself, even if it’s with the small things.

When it comes to photography, I wasn’t always the greatest subject, not that I am today ^_^ I remember running away when someone was about to take a picture of me, I remember the awkward feeling I got right before the click (that as expected translated to an even stiffer face on film), I just couldn’t relax, a robot would have made a better job at faking an emotion. Ever since creating this blog though, I learned to let go little by little, things got considerably easier, although I still have difficulties shooting when there are lots and lots of people around. And that’s ok, we all have our anxieties and our struggles, without them there wouldn’t probably be a journey for us to go through. But wanting to overcome them is what truly makes the difference.

These pictures that we took yesterday represent all that I love about this journey of mine, about this little personal space; they reflect who I am today, the need I feel to make use of my creativity, my determination to see beauty everywhere, because if I’m committed to leaving little bits and pieces of me behind, if this is where my thoughts gather and where part of my memories will come to live, than I want to at least try and make it as beautiful as possible, for it to carry a meaning, to make you feel something and even put a smile on your face:

Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

Summer dress flower fields

Summer dress floer fields

Summer dress flower fields

Summer dress flower fields

Summer dress flower fields

Summer dress flower fields

22 thoughts on “All is a Miracle

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you so much, Andreea ^_^

      Ultimately it's not the brand that makes the garment, but the person who chooses to wear it :)


  1. Cris

    Ce frumos ai scris <3
    Pozele sunt geniale, arati minunat! ^_^
    Asa eram si eu inainte, destul de speriata de poze, acum imi place sa pozez, dar nu suport sa fie prea multa lume prin preajma sau sa se uite cineva la mine insistent :))

  2. Iulia C.

    Oamenii ca tine mă îndeamnă să realizez că, până la urmă, lumea asta în care trăim nu e un loc chiar atât de urât. Mulțumesc! <3

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you and I totally agree, it feels amazing to be able to step out of the comfort zone, it surely adds to the confidence ^_^

      Many hugs,

  3. Pink Wish

    I love so much the way you write! So simple yet so deep ♥
    I totally understand you, I used to be like that too and there are a lot of times when I am still ashamed when people are watching me.
    These photos are so beautiful and I think they represent you very well, they are pure, simple and very special!
    I don't think I need to tell you how much I love the dress, it's so amazing and the fact that is from a random brand makes me love it even more because I don't really believe in brands, I believe in anyone's creativity and in this case, the creativity of the ones who designed it and especially your creativity because you made it look so precious!

    Lots of kisses!

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you for this wonderful comment, sweet Julie <3

      I happen to agree that in the end the creativity and a person's unique qualities are the only ones able to transform a garment, be it a dress or a simple t-shirt ^_^

      Lots of kisses back :*

  4. Dorina

    I feel you! I was like that in the past 😛
    I'm not a poser, I don't act very natural in front of camera, but sometimes a smile makes all 😛
    I love these photos! <3
    Really, I don't feel I'm reading and watching a blog, seems like a fashion editorial in a big magazine.
    The dress is wonderful and you wear it amazing, looks very well on you.
    You are beautiful and very creative!

  5. DaNa

    De aceea imi place sa iti citesc blogul, pentru ca este plin de emotii, frumos, creativitate si stil!

    Cat despre poze, si eu inca mai am aceleasi "temeri", cand fac poze pentru blog si sunt persoane in jur ma inhib maxim (asta se vede si in pozele pe care le descarc ulterior), mai ales ca acele persoane se uita destul de insistent la mine!

    1. Oteea Post author

      Multumesc mult Dana, admiratia e reciproca sa stii :) :*

      Cred ca privirile insistente sunt cele care ma inhiba si pe mine, atunci cand oamenii isi vad de treaba lor, parca nu mai e chiar atat de rau sa pozezi in mijlocul lor..

  6. Diana Catanoaia

    Absolut superbe cuvintele de mai sus, profunde si emotionante, iar tu Nicoleta, esti minunata!!
    Ce fotografii frumoase ati facut, parca esti desprinsa din reviste… in natura ma simt si eu cel mai bine, cand nu sunt decat eu si fotograful meu iubit <3
    In mijlocul lumii cred ca e normal sa avem emotii… si probabil n-o sa fim niciodata in largul nostru 😀

  7. Maya (Archistas)

    What a cute shoot! Definitely super dreamy, I think you make for such a perfect model actually. I love these personal blogs, it truly can bring out the best in each of us and spread that confidence and overcoming of obstacles with others 😀

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