Braids, florals and blue

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite questions to ask people around me was the following: what color would you choose, if you would be forced to pick one hue only, to wear for the rest of your life? My picks have long changed ever since, but at the moment, I would have a hard time choosing between white (which I know it’s not exactly a color) and blue, all kinds of blue, to mix and match and to never get tired of.

And speaking of blue, which at the moment kind of rules my closet, it is the main reason why I ordered this skirt from Kristine’s Collection, way back in December. While I love its shade and the cut, the skirt is kind of out of my comfort zone because it is extremely elastic and tight. After holding it in my closet for too long, I decided to finally take it out, and paired it with a fluid floral top, a braided bun and a colorful bag.

If the rain wouldn’t have followed us everywhere, I would have loved to photograph more of this look. Hope you enjoy the outfit and I would really like to know what color would you choose, if you would be forced to pick one hue only, to wear for the rest of your life? ^_^ Hugs & kisses ♥ ♥ ♥

Braids, florals and blue

Braids, florals and blue 02

Braids, florals and blue 03

Braids, florals and blue 04

Braids, florals and blue 05

9 thoughts on “Braids, florals and blue

  1. Pink Wish

    I know my answer is gonna be surprising and unexpected but I would choose black. It's so simple yet so amazing and fabulous, you can create so many types of outfits at any age and no matter the moment. I would choose it even if pink is my absolute favorite color.
    Sweetie, I just want to tell you that I wish you could post more often, I imagine you don't have the time but I just love reading and seeing your photos, your blog is so delightful for me. I love the blue skirt and I totally understand you, I had a hard time accepting this kind of skirts too but I think it looks wonderful.
    Love the way you've done your hair and that blue eyeliner <3

    Lots of hugs!

    1. Oteea Post author

      Hi hi, totally unexpected indeed but I love that you went for black, it makes total sense, I love it so, so much for all of those reasons and more <3

      Thank you for your beautiful words as well, they always mean a lot and I really plan on getting back on track with the blog as soon as things start to settle down.

      Many hugs back <3

  2. cris

    Ce intrebare grea, chiar nu stiu ce culoare as alege, poate rosu :))
    Asa sunt si eu cu fustele de genul asta, imi plac la nebunie, dar totusi mi se pare ca arat prea mult pentru ca sunt cam stramte. Cu greu am avut curaj sa port una si totusi parca nu a fost atat de rau pe cat ma asteptam. Cred ca te obisnuiesti totusi cu timpul, oricum a ta arata superb, imi place mult lungimea 😀
    Te pup!

  3. thehearabouts

    Haha, you know I'm definitely in my "Blue Period", too :)). It used to be pale blue, now it's navy I guess. And white, as well ( we're on the same wavelength again). I never thought I'd wear an all-white outfit and yet I recently did.

    You outfit is a great mix of girly and sensual, you did a very good job! Cute bun, too ^_^


  4. Maya (Archistas)

    My pick would be blue but I've noticed I do tend to wear a lot of black. Maybe I'm confusing myself haha 😀 I do love this specific electric blue hue you're wearing! With those white heels and the gorgeous braided updo, it makes for such a chic look :)

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