Do you happen to have that one extra-cozy sweater that appears to go with everything in your wardrobe and that you basically drag out of the closet whenever you get a chance? Well, I do (too). And it is this black, slightly oversized one that I can’t stop wearing although it is starting to look all fuzzy and lived in. All the more reasons to love it if you ask me ^_^ You must have figured out that this is the all-black look I’ve been talking about in my last post, and I absolutely love it, I think this would be my go-to uniform if spring days were all rainy and gloomy like today is. I have no problems ditching colors if the sun disappears. I am sorry that my posts have turned into weekly “notes” but I am currently trying to restore the balance in my life, which will hopefully translate to more appearances on the blog. Hope everyone is having a productive week ♥ ♥ ♥

Black 01

Wearing | Fishbone Sweater | Zara Skirt | H&M Boots, Bag & Hat | Michael Kors Watch

Black 02

Black 03

Black 04

Black 05

Black 06

19 thoughts on “Black.

  1. Ruxandra

    Wow, wow si iarasi wow <3 Deci e pur si simplu geniala tinuta ta! Nici nu stiu ce altceva sa mai zic, imi place la nebunie si e total pe stilul si pe gustul meu, probabil ca de aceea sunt si atat de entuziasmata haha =)) I <3 it!!!!! :*

  2. thehearabouts

    I wore all black today, too :P.

    Anyways, I love this outfit! If you replace the sweater with something appropriate for the desert heat, you get a perfect outfit for Coachella, don't you think? Okay, it's possible that my mind has been polluted with all the festival photos I've seen in the last few days :)), so don't mind me! It looks great as it is.


    1. Oteea Post author

      Now that you mentioned it, I kind of notice the Coachella vibes as well ^_^ And it's not a bad thing, I absolutely adore the effortlessness of those outfits, the only thing that's missing is the warm weather <3


  3. Pink Wish

    Sweetie, I hope you'll post more often because I kind of miss your outfits:( also, I am always checking your Insta for more beautiful photos. About the's amazing!! And to answer your question: yes! I have not one but 3 fluffy, comfy, soft and wonderful sweaters that I could wear anytime, they seem to go with everything and they make me feel very comfortable but chic at the same time.
    I adore the mix between lace and knitwear and you did it perfectly! Love it! <3

  4. Anaivilo

    I understand what you mean, I am always finding new obsessions, I do have a very oversized sweater but somehow I got tired of it. Oh well..
    I love the mix you did here, sexy, casual and edgy! Super 😉

  5. Mamalina

    I already expressed my love for this look earlier today on FB, and here I am, saying the same in more than an emoticon :). I loooooove this outfit! It's so YOU! I love when the bloggers I follow have a signature style, like I could see a photo without your face, and I'd be able to recognize you! You are beyond special and soooo beautiful!



  6. Dorina

    I loooooove this outfit! <3
    I don't own a black sweater (in highschool almost all my clothes were black and I'm so sick of black :P), but I have some favorite sweaters that I could wear anytime, cause they are so cozy and fluffy:P

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