At the beginning of this year I decided to go easy on the resolutions, so much so that I ended up not having any planned for 2014, I was never good at sticking to them anyway. The only wish I had for myself was to relax more and just be happy. Happy as in finding reasons to smile in even the smallest of things, every single day, no matter what. Giving my past tendency to over-think, overstress and worry about everything, this little exercise of happiness helped tons in improving my general mood, in made me appreciate it all at a different level and I learned to be grateful for every single moment, with all the good and the bad.

Happiness 01

I always believed that happiness derives from the simplest of pleasures: hours spent reading a good book, a cup of delicious coffee served in a special place, a house filled with fresh flowers, time spent with my loved ones, or the simple act of preparing a delightful dinner with my husband, the music playing, Puss close by watching us, the house feeling alive. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Happiness 02

This week, my other reasons to smile included some new sparkly jewelry pieces that I received c/o Persunmall, that I immediately put on and hardly felt like taking off. Needless to say, I cannot wait to style them for the coming outfit posts. I just love the cobalt blue, the emerald green and the sunny yellow.

Happiness 03

My new pale pink sweatshirt, the perfect amount of sporty and feminine, stole my heart the moment I saw it on the mannequin.Taking it home made me happy, as it’s the most comfortable and prettiest thing ever.

Happiness 04

The moment I stumbled upon this old Coca-Cola bottle (and others just like it), I lighted up like a bulb because I’ve been meaning to use something similar to prettify my room with … more flowers, yes. I cannot wait for the trees to bloom and for summer to arrive to fill these cute bottles with all sorts of wild and colorful treasures.

Happiness 05

Lately, I’ve been kind of lazy when it comes to make-up, as I choose to exclusively wear cat eyes and a dash of mascara, with the occasional pop of bold lipstick. I’m still working on perfecting my cat eyes, but things got significantly easier for me once I purchased this Essence liquid liner. Between that and the Extreme Volume mascara, I don’t feel like I need much else. But I might change my mind, eventually.

Happiness 06

And of course, here’s the tenderling, our sweet furball, who brightens up our days with his little pink nose and playful personality. Seriously, I cannot imagine our home without Puss in it. He’s the best! Excuse his scruffy fur, he was in the middle of attending to his afternoon grooming routine when I took this photo ^_^ ♥

Happiness 07

And of course, this post wouldn’t have felt complete, nor real without him: my husband, my best friend, my other half, the guy that makes life a wonderful adventure. He doesn’t really like to take pictures, but then again maybe I don’t offer to play the photographer’s role often enough ♥♥♥

Happiness 08

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