My Go To Outfit

I don’t know what kind of impact this past week (that seem to be made mostly out of rainy and gloomy days) had on you, but I for one drew away from everything and chose to barely leave the house. As a consequence, I believe I grew too accustomed to wearing pajamas all day ^_^ because on Friday, when the sun finally showed its face, I didn’t feel like putting anything too fancy on. After half an hour spent studying my closet and trying on different outfits, I did what I always do: I picked up my favorite garments and put together what I like to call my go-to-outfit. And while it may not be spectacular, it is what I like to wear on a daily bases. Now, I didn’t even plan to take pictures for the blog, but we ended up taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Lots of hugs and enjoy your Sunday evening ♥

My Go To Outfit

Wearing | Fishbone Sweater | Zara Pants | H&M Pointy Flats, Necklace & Bag | Persunmall Trench Coat | Michael Kors watch

My Go To Outfit 02

My Go To Outfit 03

My Go To Outfit 04

My Go To Outfit 05

6 thoughts on “My Go To Outfit

  1. Maya (Archistas)

    Love the look! A long light coat is perfect for this winter to spring weather. And ahh I get the feeling, although the extensive amount of sunny days have totally made me want to throw out my winter wardrobe. Shame it won't last now I don't feel like wearing tights under skirts anymore haha 😀 Hope you have a great week and that the sun stays shining in Romania as well :)

  2. Pink Wish

    Sometimes I am that lazy too but I have to admit that dressing up makes me really happy and even though I can spend a lot of time choosing what to wear, saying: I don't have anything to wear:( and getting really nervous, in the end I am happy with the result and I love showing off my outfit.
    I don't think you have to think a lot about your outfits because you always manage to look very put together, chic and classy. I love your style!

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