Sweet Sunday

I’m not going to lie, I initially planned to spend my Sunday in bed, wearing my pajamas all day long, my hair in a messy bun, with a tea in my hand and Puss very close by. But the thought of a good cup of coffee at my husband’s invitation managed to lure me out of the house. And I didn’t mind the dreary weather, not one bit.

Those of you following me on Facebook, were already introduced to the lovely interview (it’s in Romanian) I gave to Daniela from Fashion.Shopping.Gossip last week. In that spirit and because I want you to get to know me a little bit better, today I am going to share another 5 things you might not know about me .

Sweet Sunday 01

Wearing | Zara Sweater and Heels | Orsay Jeans | Persunmall Trench Coat | H&M Bag, Rings & Necklace | Michael Kors Watch

Sweet Sunday 02

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. If I were to close my eyes and think of my absolute favorite view, that would have to be of a city by night, with countless dazzling lights, seen from above. New York City is my ultimate dream in that sense.
  2. As much as I am obsessed with cats, I have an inexplicable fascination for butterflies that dates back to my childhood. That’s why insects don’t bother me at all.
  3. I can’t swim – but I plan on learning – which causes me an irrational fear of water. But I do love the sea.
  4. I dream of a cozy house decorated in white, beige and light grays, with large windows and brick walls.
  5. I absolutely love handwritten notes, there are plenty lying around our home, carrying all sorts of secret messages and cute drawings ^_^ In fact, I do most of my organizing and my to-do lists in handwritten form as well. Nothing beats writing down on paper.

Sweet Sunday 03

Sweet Sunday 04

Sweet Sunday 05

Sweet Sunday 06

Sweet Sunday 07

9 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday

  1. Evamaria

    WOW, this outfit is absolutely amazing! I noticed it on my FB news feed and I knew immediately that I have to tell you that. There's a perfect balance between springy pastel shades and dark lip color that makes me adore this outfit. Also, I love how the pattern of your coat's lining is peeking out. I'm so tired of my black clothes and I'd love to get some light shades to my wardrobe too.

  2. thehearabouts

    I loved the interview and the 5 things ♥♥♥ I also dream of NYC's skyline seen from a rooftop; I've always imagined myself in such a setting.

    Today's (or yesterday's) outfit is so very pretty and visually appealing & I adore the accessories. It was a good decision to go out, after all :)

    Have a super duper amazing week :*


  3. Ruxandra

    Cat de frumoasa si linistitoare e combinatia de culori <3 Vreau si eu sa-mi achizitionez o pereche de blugi intr-o culoare deschisa, tot timpul ma indrept catre cele inchise si sincera sa fiu m-am cam plictisit de ele, vreau sa incerc ceva nou 😀 Extrem de frumoasa tinuta (puloverul e superb) si-mi place tare mult ai ales sa porti rujul acela, se potrivesc perfect :*

  4. Maya (Archistas)

    Loving the outfit! You mix and match any color like no other 😀 Loving the light blue with nude tones, seems like a perfect way to head into spring weather! Your dream home definitely matches what I have in my mind as well. Hope you'll be able to learn to swim one day! The sea still scares me though especially if I'm far in :p

  5. Pink Wish

    Ce frumos! Combinatia de culori e minunata si asa linistitoare, imi place enorm!
    Si eu visez sa privesc New York-ul plin de luminite de pe acoperisul unei cladiri enorme <3 ! Aaa si m-ai cucerit cu scrisul de mana!! Ador sa scriu, imi place foarte mult sa scriu de mana si sa desenez diverse lucrusoare <3 <3

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