Double dose

I’m hardly what you’d call a print kind of girl, so needless to point out that I didn’t even realize I was so keen on wearing tartan until I saw the shirt and the jacket lying side by side in the closet. Which instantly inspired me to clash the two of them together in an outfit that was warm enough, comfy enough but still a little bit special. I love that the weather these days feels so pleasant and warm, so much in fact that if I close my eyes, breath in the fresh air and concentrate on hearing the birds chirping, it almost feels like spring. Hope everyone is enjoying a nice, relaxing Sunday. I’m currently divided between choosing to go out for a nice walk followed by a delicious cup of coffee, or making it a lazy Sunday at home, with an animated movie, a home made dinner and lots of cuddling. Decisions, decisions. Sending out lots of love and thank you for always reading ♥ ♥ ♥

Double Dose 01

Wearing | Zara Jacket & Skirt | H&M Ear Cuff, Shirt & Boots | Random Brand Bag & Tights

Double Dose 02

Double Dose 03

Double Dose 04

Double Dose 05

Double Dose 06

7 thoughts on “Double dose

  1. anaivilo

    I love the jacket ,so yummy!
    I have been obsessing over that tartan print and a shirt like that but whenever I found one in store, tried it on..I just hesitated and leave it there. Maybe it is one of those items that is telling me :" don't buy me, you will love me for a month then abandon me in the closet for the three years"….

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