2013 In Review

I am going to keep this last post of 2013 as short as possible because I ‘m already running late and because I know everyone is busy getting ready for the biggest celebration of the year ^_^. Looking back I realize 2013 was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling years of my life. I married my best friend and my better half, I was blessed to consolidate a job that I absolutely adore, I spent the most wonderful moments surrounded by friends and family, I visited new places, pushed my limits, read more and learned new things. The blog allowed me to find myself in ways I never though I could. And I grew a lot, I experimented with fashion and stepped out of my comfort zone, I fell in love with white shoes and red lipstick, I had my first collaborations with wonderful brands and I am now one step closer to defining my personal style. To all of you who read Oteea Land throughout the year, who supported me and decided to accompany me in this special journey, I want to say a huge thank you. May you have a dreamy 2014 and keep believing that anything is possible! Happy New Year!

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  Favorite Outfits

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2013 In Review

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With a very special “Thank you” to my love who does such a wonderful job with all of Oteea Land’s photos, who grew with me this year, who stood by my side and who continues to support this adventure of mine. Thank you for giving me wings to fly ♥

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10 thoughts on “2013 In Review

    1. Oteea Post author

      Multumesc tare mult Teodora, acum imi dau seama ca am avut o perioada in care imi accesorizam tinutele doar cu fundite :)

      Iar poarta verde am descoperit-o langa teresa de la Atrium, imediat cum cobori scarile din dreapta ^_^

      Sa ai parte de un an nou minunat si poate reusim sa ne si intalnim anul asta ^_^

  1. archista

    It was such a pleasure to follow your blog the past year! Your wedding definitely a big high, loved seeing you so extremely happy and that amazing dress <3 I definitely agree on your faovirte outfits! That blue top with black hearts is soo cute and I love your total white look. Always so inspiring to see you experiment with so many colors and pull it off excellently. Onto another great year! :) May it be an awesome 2014

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