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It smells of winter

It’s not here yet, but you can sense it rapidly approaching. And I am official ready for winter ever since my better half decided to spoil me with this fluffy and warm coat that makes me feel like a walking teddy bear, a lady teddy bear that is. And since the spoiling season started early this year, he also surprised me with my dream watch, the timeless Michael Kors beauty I was telling you about here. I am one lucky girl ♥

Since I am all about simplicity in my garments, I love to add some sparkle to my outfits with some pretty accessories and bold colors. And there you have it, one fluffy, cozy and timeless outfit. Wishing you a happy weekend and don’t forget to keep in touch via my Instagram or Facebook accounts ♥

It smells of winter 01

She Looked Like Autumn

I didn’t plan to match my outfit’s colors to the fading beauty of this autumn’s last days, but somehow I’m glad I did. There’s a certain melancholy that veils this time of the year, with its dark skies and crisp weather and I can’t believe we had the last of what was an incredibly beautiful fall. On the bright side, the countdown to Christmas begins as of now and I CANNOT WAIT for it to finally arrive. Hope everyone has a great week ♥

She Looked Like Autumn 01


“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”

This L.M. Montgomery quote kind of defines fall days for me, particularly once the colder weather begins to settle in and all I want to do is hide at home and surround myself with delicious food, coffee, flowers, books and my two favorite boys. It’s days like these when I feel that life is most beautiful when it’s cherished in all its simplicity. It’s days like these when I realize I don’t need much to be happy. And it’s a day like this that I want to share with you today. Because it’s too cold outside to be shooting outfits and because I love it home.

Home 01

Well Plaid

I know how everybody must be feeling about the plaid print at this point. It’s literally everywhere and for as much as I promised myself to stay away from everything that’s overdone and over-worn on the streets, I still couldn’t resist it. My wardrobe needed a pop of red, I needed a shirt that would allow me to layer once the weather would get super cold, and so I abandoned the fight. I wear a lot of black on a daily bases, so it feels great to be able to add a dash of colour, and print to my basic, off-duty outfits. Case and point: the following pictures. This is how I envision comfort and these are the first things I grab whenever I have to run out of the house. Hope everyone’s enjoying a lovely weekend, we’re off to a family lunch! Love ♥

Well Plaid 01

November Wishing

I am good at wishing, but then again who isn’t? The fact that I LOVE to make lists, of all sorts it’s also not a secret anymore: resolutions, to-do lists, grocery lists, ideas for articles, schedules, outfit planning, house decorating, it all begins with me setting pen on paper. But wish-lists have to be my absolute favorites and during this time of the year, with the Holidays rapidly approaching, I allow myself to secretly wish away.

And since today I’ve been browsing Persunmall in search of something pretty, something that would complement my existing wardrobe but also add to it, I thought I would make a wishlist with all the things that I need, ok, with all the things that I want from their online store. Hopefully, it will inspire your future purchases as well, because what I chose below represents just a small amount of all the pretty little things I loved.


Red Impulse

Funny thing how I always believed that red lipsticks weren’t made for me and now I feel like wearing them with nearly every outfit. They clearly go hand in hand with the beautiful autumn colors, especially when worn with black eyeliner and a classy trench coat, neutral hues and a touch of lace. Despite strongly believing that a trench coat is a timeless piece, one of those essential items building a woman’s classic wardrobe, I never found one to suit my body, or my style. I guess when choosing this one from Persunmall, I finally stumbled upon my luck as I love its gorgeous color, its light weight and the playful pop of leopard print going on underneath.Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead and thank you for reading ♥ ♥

Red Impulse 01


I still don’t understand how does a gloomy day like today manage to drain all the energy out of me. I would have slept all day, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. So, I’m still holding onto my cup of coffee, striving to finish working even at this hour in the evening. Going back to this past Sunday when we shot these pictures bright early in the morning, I realize it might have been the last of the sunny autumn days. And I’m so not ready for colder days. Hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying your evenings, wherever you are ♥

Falling 01