A Taste of October

It has definitely been a while since I last shared my monthly purchases on the blog but in all honesty, most of the times I am just so eager to get to wear what I buy that I completely forget to take any photos. Those of you who happen to follow me on instagram might have already seen the bits & pieces of this month’s purchases, but I though I would take some pretty photographs anyway, especially as I had some beautiful leaves lying around the house. Yes, I gather them and spread them in the apartment as well, just to get a better feel of fall. I mean, warm tea and scented candles aren’t clearly enough ^^ Happy weekend! ♥

A Taste of October 01

This month I treated myself to a warm rusty cable knit, a fluffy sweater dress in navy and a new pair of black ankle boots. To that I added cozy socks, Yankee Candles’ delightful scents, flowers as I can’t get enough of having these in the house aaannnd Valeninto’s Valentina fragrance, which I totally adore and has been on my wishlist for a long time. I also bought two pairs of leggings, in black and navy, but I guess I somehow missed photographing those. You can also see how big my beautiful boy has gotten ♥ Puss is one year old now and was a bit of a sleepy head when I took the photos. I just love him to pieces ♥

A Taste of October 02

A Taste of October 03

A Taste of October 04

A Taste of October 05

A Taste of October 06

A Taste of October 07

A Taste of October 08

A Taste of October 09


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