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Bare Black

Being a blogger has taught me a great deal of things, about which I will probably talk more in a future post. And while creating this blog represents one of the best decisions I ever made, I can’t say the road so far has been nothing but smooth. I dealt with my share of struggles and insecurities, I had my ups and my downs, and days when the inspiration seemed to be totally out of reach. Out of all these moments, feeling uninspired is probably the worst and if you’re the creative type, you probably know what I mean. The next set of pictures was born in such circumstances, but it eventually turned out to be one of my favorite posts, a black and white reminder of a perfect day, spent in the company of the person I love most. Happy Monday ♥

Bare Black 01

Falling like they’re falling in love

For me, the month of October was mostly a race against the clock, as I found myself caught in between work hours, house duties and endless errands to run. That’s why the majority of my outfit posts feature cozy looks, ones that favor comfort and that are just perfect for those chilly autumn days when you’re busy running around town. This navy sweater dress became one of my go-to pieces for the season, as I instantly fell in love with its light weight and fluffy texture. And despite being busy, autumn has been extremely good to me so far and in exchange I find it to be more beautiful than ever before. Hope the month of October is treating you well ♥

Falling like they're falling in love 01

A Taste of October

It has definitely been a while since I last shared my monthly purchases on the blog but in all honesty, most of the times I am just so eager to get to wear what I buy that I completely forget to take any photos. Those of you who happen to follow me on instagram might have already seen the bits & pieces of this month’s purchases, but I though I would take some pretty photographs anyway, especially as I had some beautiful leaves lying around the house. Yes, I gather them and spread them in the apartment as well, just to get a better feel of fall. I mean, warm tea and scented candles aren’t clearly enough ^^ Happy weekend! ♥

A Taste of October 01

Every leaf is a flower

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

It kind of felt this exact way the other day, while I was stepping on a carpet of golden leaves holding a bouquet of violas in my hand and enjoying the warm rays of autumn sun. Nothing more beautiful if you ask me. Now, I don’t know if there is such a thing as a blogger’s block, but I felt like I needed to step aside for a while in order to contemplate the road I took so far, which explains the decreasing number of posts during the last couple of months. I have to know where I stand, before trying to reach my next destination. It’s a period defined by me trying to make decisions, while struggling to find the perfect balance in my life. And honestly I’m not good at making decisions as I always find myself trapped someplace in the middle, between all the cons and the pros, not ever ready to make up my mind. All that I can say for sure is that I thoroughly enjoy this little world and I am forever grateful for all the wonderful persons I have met (virtually speaking) thanks to this blog. Love ♥

Every leaf is a flower 01

Autumn Song

Before I can put on my fluffy knits and embrace the true spirit of fall, I am left to present you with one last set of pictures shoot in under 10 minutes, a couple of weeks ago. The empty streets stand as a reminder that the storm was approaching, but that didn’t stop me from making the most out of that beautiful September evening. Maybe it was the power of the red lipstick, or the lovely H&M pencil skirt, but I couldn’t help feeling other than great. I’ll leave you with the pictures, while I will be getting back to work and my cup of hot coffee. Love ♥

Autumn Song 01

Blue Steel

It wasn’t that long ago when we took these photos, but the weather felt just slightly cold, instead of freezing cold like it feels today. If there’s a color out there that makes me want to take a break from all the black and forget all about the gloomy days of fall, that color is definitely cobalt blue. My wardrobe has plenty of it already, but I just know I’m going to be adding more to it in time. The only thing I regret about this romper is the fact that it didn’t arrive during summer, so I could have made the most out of it. I can’t believe it’s hot tea weather already. Can’t wait to buy the first scented candles for fall this week-end. Before I go, I just wanted to send out a huge thank you for all of the beautiful comments that accompanied the previous post. Love ♥

Blue Steel 01