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After three whole days stuck in bed, with a terrible flu and everything hurting, I’m sitting in front of my laptop , trying to find my words, but I guess I am still a little bit at loss. I feel the ideas floating around my brain but I can’t possibly find a way to put them together. But I will say this much: I’m loving the new white blazer I received in the mail last week, courtesy of Kristine’s Collection and cannot wait to wear and photograph the other gift as soon as the the next sunny and warm day comes. I’ll leave you with the pictures, while I will stick with my tea for a little while longer. Much love and thank you for reading. Have a great weekend, guys!

More Like Me 01

Wearing Blazer c/o Kristine’s Collection | H&M Shirt & Accessories | Zara Jeans & Heels | Tally Weijl Bag

More Like Me 02

More Like Me 03

More Like Me 04

More Like Me 05

More Like Me 06

More Like Me 07

More Like Me 08

6 thoughts on “More Like Me

  1. Dana

    Bine ca ti-ai mai revenit! Cat despre cuvinte…mi se intampla f des sa stau minute in sir in fata laptopului sa scriu, apoi sa sterg si tot asa…nu putem avea de fiecare data inspiratie, de aceea in acele momente prefer sa nu scriu nimic si sa las pozele sa vorbeasca! 😀

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