Touch of Gold

The following set of pictures were also shoot during our trip to Budapest, the day we celebrated our birthday. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but my newly husband and I share the same birthday ♥ I still remember his disbelief the first time he asked me about it, as it took several minutes and an exchange of ID’s for both of us to believe it was true. Now, it kind of became a tradition of ours to celebrate the 3rd of September someplace new, in or outside of the country as it happened this year. And it was magical, like it always is.

Although we did escape the rain, we stood no chance against the wind, who kindly enough “styled” my hair for the day. We took a long walk towards the citadel, crossing one of the bridges, then we climbed the hill towards the castle and ended the day having dinner somewhere nice, near the water, with the breathtaking Budapest by night as a view. I guess my outfit added simplicity, to a otherwise busy and exciting day.

Touch of Gold 01

Wearing | Tally Weijl Sweater & Bag | Zara Pants | H&M Necklace & Shoes

Touch of Gold 02

Budapest 01

Touch of Gold 03

Touch of Gold 04

Budapest 02

Touch of Gold 05

Touch of Gold 06

Budapest 03

Touch of Gold 07

Touch of Gold 08

Budapest 04


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  1. Maggie

    Wonderful outfit and post. It shows that you had a lot of fun visiting Budapest and shooting this outfit. The city looks great at night and you my dear, are stunning as always ^^

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