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Once Upon a Time

Today marks the two month anniversary of our wedding, not that it is a real anniversary, but then again I always loved to celebrate every special event of my life by marking out the days, weeks, months and years. I can hardly believe how fast time went by but I am happy and grateful to be sharing this new chapter of my life with my best friend and my better half. I realize how lucky we are to have found each other ♥

I’m not good at sharing such intimate moments of my life, as I have always been a rather private person, but today it feels great to be able to do it differently. I know that every future bride carries a different fantasy of how she should look on this particular day: some channel princesses, some opt to look glamorous, while others choose pure extravagance or crazy colors. And I understand it all. It is extremely important to stay true to yourself during this memorable day. For me it was always going to be about simplicity. I chose to channel a bride’s innocence and candor, thinking more about fairies rather than princesses. I chose to feel easy and look as natural as possible. This is who I am and this is what I wanted to remember for the may years to come.

Our first dance was Lara Fabian’s Je t’aime, our cake was a super-delicious “Black Forrest”, we danced non-stop until we could barely feel our feet and it was by far the most wonderful day of our lives ♥ ♥

01. Once Upon a Time

More Like Me

After three whole days stuck in bed, with a terrible flu and everything hurting, I’m sitting in front of my laptop , trying to find my words, but I guess I am still a little bit at loss. I feel the ideas floating around my brain but I can’t possibly find a way to put them together. But I will say this much: I’m loving the new white blazer I received in the mail last week, courtesy of Kristine’s Collection and cannot wait to wear and photograph the other gift as soon as the the next sunny and warm day comes. I’ll leave you with the pictures, while I will stick with my tea for a little while longer. Much love and thank you for reading. Have a great weekend, guys!

More Like Me 01

Touch of Gold

The following set of pictures were also shoot during our trip to Budapest, the day we celebrated our birthday. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but my newly husband and I share the same birthday ♥ I still remember his disbelief the first time he asked me about it, as it took several minutes and an exchange of ID’s for both of us to believe it was true. Now, it kind of became a tradition of ours to celebrate the 3rd of September someplace new, in or outside of the country as it happened this year. And it was magical, like it always is.

Although we did escape the rain, we stood no chance against the wind, who kindly enough “styled” my hair for the day. We took a long walk towards the citadel, crossing one of the bridges, then we climbed the hill towards the castle and ended the day having dinner somewhere nice, near the water, with the breathtaking Budapest by night as a view. I guess my outfit added simplicity, to a otherwise busy and exciting day.

Touch of Gold 01

Burgundy Love

We are back home and needless to say, I fell in love with Budapest, like I already knew I would. Just like I know that I will irremediably fall for every beautiful city I will ever get the chance to explore, leaving a tiny piece of me behind in each and every one of them. I love the feeling of walking the streets not knowing what to expect, I loved the oh-so-delicious food and I was completely enchanted by the beautiful Danube. I could have easily spent all day walking near the water, enjoying the view or going on endless boat trips.

As for my outfits for the trip, I knew I would need comfort before anything else, but I also wanted something that would make me feel just as great. The weather was perfect for pants, shirts or sweaters so I took advantage. After all, fall is my favourite season. I’ll leave you with the pictures now. Lots of love ♥

Burgundy Love 01