No sun, no color

White, black and leather. For me it hardly gets better than this, which is why I took advantage of the few clouds darkening yesterday’s sky and decided to go out wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a blazer for a change. Of course, the minute I stepped out our building the sun broke through, but I decided to ignore it. I guess it was the strong long for fall that made me do it. I am always excited for September, I cannot wait for hopefully a long, colorful and warm autumn. And for many rainy days. With both my birthday and a trip to Budapest approaching, I feel excited for the upcoming weeks. Lots of love and thank you for reading ♥

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Wearing | Zara Blazer, Leather Shorts & Sandals | H&M Shirt, Bag & Accessories

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12 thoughts on “No sun, no color

  1. archista

    Black and white = perfect combo in my book as well. It's too early to go all dark 😀 Love your transitioning to fall! I still have to start mine. But am definitely really looking forward to it, I'm an fall girl as well, birthday soon too. When is yours?

    1. Oteea Post author

      My birthday is on September 3rd. It's also my husband's (I still have to get used to the way it sounds :D) birthday as well. We will be celebrating in Budapest a week from now.

      When is your birthday, Maya?

  2. thehearabouts

    Love your hair in this one and that blazer has the perfect cut. The golden bangle looks cute, too.

    Oh, you're going to Budapest, I adoooore that city, I bet it's amazing to visit it in September. Can't wait for some beautiful photos :)


    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you, S. I'm really close to cutting it a little shorter this week, it is about time.
      And definitely will be taking lots of pictures in Budapest, I remember the posts you girls did from your trip there :)


  3. Stefani

    What a pretty, sophisticated look! :) In love with that blazer,so chic!
    I can't wait for fall and warmer clothes too! And my birthday is also in September :)
    Btw, congrats on your wedding! Are you going on honeymoon soon?

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