Broken Doll

After a few days of rest, of intensively watching “The Killing”, of reading and thoroughly enjoying what felt like  short amounts of rain spread over an extremely hot couple of evenings, I finally got my batteries recharged once again. I tend to escape the world like this, once in a while, leave Facebook, instagram, unread mails behind and enjoy nothing but the company of my husband and of our adorable little furball. I cherish these  moments, but resuming my activity after such a break feels wonderful nonetheless.

A broken doll, that’s the first thing I thought about upon watching these pictures we shot the other week. It must be the constant movement, the way I walk, something pointing me in that direction. I remember it being awfully hot that afternoon, so I moved a lot out of fear of actually melting. The shoot didn’t last long, hence the small amount of pictures. Halfway to the weekend, I’m wishing you to enjoy the last days of summer ♥

Broken Doll 01

Wearing Pimkie Top | H&M Skirt | Zara Heels & Necklace

Broken Doll 02

Broken Doll 03

Broken Doll 04

Broken Doll 05


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  1. archista

    Just relaxing and leaving the internet behind feels great but I do love catching up as well 😀 (although sometimes my inbox after such a time scares me haha). I love the bright yellow skirt! And the top is so pretty as well

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