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Fall Essentials: A Wishlist

My plans for the week included an outfit post (guess I was extra optimistic), which should have been followed by my personal wishlist for the upcoming fall. But due to the fact that we are leaving for Budapest early in the morning, the past week was spent marking deadlines for work, running errands and basically getting ready for these very few days of rest. The rainy afternoons didn’t help much either, not that I’m actually complaining. As I’m writing this post, I know am already behind with packing so I’ll try to be very quick.

The following list contains basically all that I dream to add to my wardrobe now that fall is slowly approaching. I imagine clean silhouettes, gorgeous splashes of color and a few accessories that will count as much. Hope you like my choices. Also, feel free to tag along on Instagram and Twitter during my trip for more updates. I’ll make sure to come back with lost of beautiful pictures. Until then, all my love and have a great weekend!

Fall Wishlist Oteea Land

No sun, no color

White, black and leather. For me it hardly gets better than this, which is why I took advantage of the few clouds darkening yesterday’s sky and decided to go out wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a blazer for a change. Of course, the minute I stepped out our building the sun broke through, but I decided to ignore it. I guess it was the strong long for fall that made me do it. I am always excited for September, I cannot wait for hopefully a long, colorful and warm autumn. And for many rainy days. With both my birthday and a trip to Budapest approaching, I feel excited for the upcoming weeks. Lots of love and thank you for reading ♥

No sun, no color 01


Once upon a time pink used to be my favourite color. I had my fair share of pink butterflies spread across the room, pink plushy toys filling the empty shelves, pink candles, pink bottles of perfume, pink clothes, you get the idea. And although the years passed by and my taste in clothes (and colors) changed considerably, it doesn’t come as a total surprise that some people still see that pink obsessed little girl hiding inside of me. Which brings me to today’s outfit, based on a pair of dusted pink shorts, which I honestly had trouble styling. Why? Because I feel with pink it’s so very easy to take the wrong turn, that’s why I still prefer it but in small amounts. I admire the girls and women alike, who are able to make it look so grown-up, but deep down inside of me, I know pink will forever be associated with my wonderful childhood/adolescence.

Dusted 01

Broken Doll

After a few days of rest, of intensively watching “The Killing”, of reading and thoroughly enjoying what felt like  short amounts of rain spread over an extremely hot couple of evenings, I finally got my batteries recharged once again. I tend to escape the world like this, once in a while, leave Facebook, instagram, unread mails behind and enjoy nothing but the company of my husband and of our adorable little furball. I cherish these  moments, but resuming my activity after such a break feels wonderful nonetheless.

A broken doll, that’s the first thing I thought about upon watching these pictures we shot the other week. It must be the constant movement, the way I walk, something pointing me in that direction. I remember it being awfully hot that afternoon, so I moved a lot out of fear of actually melting. The shoot didn’t last long, hence the small amount of pictures. Halfway to the weekend, I’m wishing you to enjoy the last days of summer ♥

Broken Doll 01

Secret Garden

Lately I find myself in a playful state of mind and as a result it feels like the garments in my closet and I get along better than ever before. I love it when a particular piece of clothing speaks to me, inspiring me to create a head-to-toe look without much planning, without stressing, with everything falling into place effortlessly. From location, to accessories and mood, I knew how I wanted to style this white summer dress from Kristine’s Collection ever since I first got it in my mail. I aimed for a romantic, light look with just a hint of whimsical. But I can picture myself wearing it for a long walk on the beach with little accessories, or as paired with suede ankle boots for a week-end escape at the country-side. I guess to me, nothing speaks of summer quite like a little white sundress. Wishing you to enjoy beautiful days leading towards the week-end ♥

Secret Garden 01


A week passed by since our beautiful wedding and I must confess that at times it still feels pretty surreal. I am lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to share the most beautiful day of my life with my amazing family, with my beautiful friends and with the guy that still makes my heart skip a beat. Now I find myself in a beautiful state of mind, I am more than ready to enjoy what’s left of the summer and begin planning new adventures with my better half. And until the wedding pictures arrive, I am ready to get back to what I love.

This lovely jacquard dress that I received courtesy of Kristine’s Collection was sitting in my closet for over a month, just waiting to be worn and photographed on a sunny day. And although I must admit I chose it thinking more about fall than summer, it felt perfect even during yesterday’s hot temperatures. I have missed you all and I am glad to finally be back. Hope you’re making the most out of this month. Love, always ♥

Jacquard 01