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Summer. Sunshine. Old houses.Birds chirping. .

Last Sunday was all about regaining a much needed state of tranquility. Although I do consider myself a city girl and I am in love with its effervescence, I tend to appreciate the rare moments when I’m not surrounded by impatient people, cars honking and ambulance sirens going on and on in their endless call. Maybe that’s why I love the comfort of my home, why I sometimes feel the need to hide in my own bubble, I am not a loner but I do seek moments just for myself. And as I grow up, the thought of a small house with a small garden, where I can grow my favourite flowers, read and play with my furball, appears comforting and alluring. Like a distant dream just waiting to happen. Much love, xx.

Summer 01


It’s been over a week since my last post here on the blog and all I can say is that the last seven or eight days felt more like a month to me. During this time I went through an entire spectrum of emotions, feeling either  super anxious, or overwhelmed, sad or extremely happy, disappointed, relieved, and the list could easily go on. I even had my very first meltdown, which didn’t last for long, I tried on my wedding dress after not so patiently waiting for it to arrive for over a month and now I feel like sleeping for days at a time.

I plan on coming back here soon enough, if not, hopefully you will all understand. I hate it when it is silent here, but I do plan on making it up to you come August. Lots of love and thank you for all of your lovely comments, they always mean the world. Enjoy the week-end!

Sparkle 01


A ponytail, little make-up, loose/comfy clothes and flat shoes, this has basically been my uniform for the past week. And it felt great. As we found ourselves permanently on the go, comfort was key. And after many hours of walking around town, with short breaks for coffee and meals, upon arriving home all I wanted to do is crash in bed and sleep. I watched “Suburgatory”, “Mad Men” and “The Mindy Project” (watching TV series relaxes me like nothing else) every night before bed, I indulged in some shopping, we caught up with friends, so in the end we somehow balanced the tiresome hours with relaxing activities in between.

Sorry that my presence on the blog is short of regular these days, but I try to live it all up and soak up on every moment that doesn’t tie me to my computer chair. Now we’re about to have a late, late dinner, watch some “White Collar” and get ready for another beautiful day tomorrow.

Casualing 01